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137Cs reference site characteristics in Hong Kong - some considerations
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Part A: Solid Earth and Geodesy
Ruse, ME; Peart, MR1999196
7th International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment, San Francisco, July 2001
Principles and Practice of Greening Compact Urban Areas
Jim, CY2001178
Adoption of GIS in service delivery programs: obstacles and aids
GIS/LIS Proceedings
American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.
Wong, WSD199385
Age as a Risk Factor in Pedestrian Traffic Casualties
Australasian Road Safety Conference 2007: Research, Policing and Education Conference, 17th-19th October, 2007, Melbourne, Australia.
Loo, BPY; Tsui, KL2007145
Air and material cooling induced by a tropical intensive green roof
3rd International Congress on Natural Science and Engineering, ICNSE 2014
Jim, CY201429
Airport Competition in the Pearl River Delta
Conference on Socio-economic and Infrastructure Development for a Competitive Pearl River Delta Region
Task Force of HK-Pearl River Delta Development, HKU.
Loo, BPY; Wong, SC; Ho, HW2002213
Airports in GPRD: Co-petition and government role
Annual Conference of Shanghai-Hong Kong Development Institute, CUHK, Hong Kong
Wang, JJ2008163
Airspace-based Carbon Emission Estimations: Methodology and Results from Greece and South China
The 2012 World Conference of Air Transport Research Society (ATRS), Tainan, Taiwan, June 27-30
Voula, P; Ioanna, P; Loo, BPY; Li, L2012112
An anthropogenic heating database for major US cities
86th AMS Annual Meeting
Sailor, DJ; Hart, M2006134
An Application of a Geographic Information System (GIS) in the 2004 Legislative Council Election in Hong Kong
Proceedings Greater China GIS Development Conference 2004 (Hong Kong) 9-11 December 2004
So, FM; Lai, PC2004180
Application of continuum modeling for airport coordination
Transportation in the Information Age
Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies.
Ho, HW; Wong, SC; Loo, BPY2002165
An application of landscape metrics analysis in SEA for regional spatial planning
Proceedings of IAIA09 Impact Assessment and Human Well-Being
Ng, CN; Yu, X2009199
Application of remote sensing/GIS in the analysis of hill fire impact on vegetation resources in Hong Kong
International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS)
Fung, T; Jim, CY1993228
Are the Important Bird Areas Adequately Protected under the Current Protected Areas System in Hong Kong?
Proceeding of 5th Conference on Protected Areas of East Asia, IUCN, 21-25th June 2005
The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Ng, CN; Ma, C2005184
Assessing livelihood impacts of tourism: a case study of Hong Kong
Symposium on Sustainable Tourism in Urban Environments, 2012
Liu, S; Tao, TCH2012165
Assessing livelihood impacts of tourism: case studies of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Geography Day, 2010
Liu, S; Tao, TCH2010132
Assessing the Applicability of 3D Visualization in Environmental Impact Assessment
2008 Annual AAG Meeting, held in Boston, Massachusetts
Kwong, KH; Lai, PC; Mak, ASH2008136
Assessing the Quality of Newspaper Maps in Hong Kong
Proceedings Greater China GIS Development Conference 2004 (Hong Kong) 9-11 December 2004
Mak, ASH; Lai, PC2004161
The Associations between Exposures to Traffic and Mortality Risks in Hong Kong
GIS in Public Health Conference of Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA)
The Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA.
Ma, X; Thach, TQ; Lai, PC; Chau, YK; Lai, HK; Wong, CM201377
Asymmetric Payoff Mechanism and Information Effects in Water Sharing Interactions: A Game Theoretic Model of Collective
国際コモソズ学会, June 3-7, 2013, Mt. Fuji, Japan
WANG, Y; Ng, CN201364
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