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10th Asian Urbanizational Conference, Hong Kong, 16-19 August 2009Jim, CY2009218
137Cs reference site characteristics in Hong Kong - some considerationsRuse, ME; Peart, MR1999103
7th International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment, San Francisco, July 2001Jim, CY2001100
The 8th International Conference on EcoBalance, Tokyo International Exhibition Center, Tokyo, 10-12 December 2008Jim, CY2008223
Adoption of GIS in service delivery programs: obstacles and aidsWong, WSD199331
Age as a Risk Factor in Pedestrian Traffic CasualtiesLoo, BPY; Tsui, KL200782
Airport Competition in the Pearl River DeltaLoo, BPY; Wong, SC; Ho, HW2002150
Airports in GPRD: Co-petition and government roleWang, JJ2008111
Airspace-based Carbon Emission Estimations: Methodology and Results from Greece and South ChinaVoula, P; Ioanna, P; Loo, BPY; Li, L201258
An anthropogenic heating database for major US citiesSailor, DJ; Hart, M200660
An Application of a Geographic Information System (GIS) in the 2004 Legislative Council Election in Hong KongSo, FM; Lai, PC2004102
Application of continuum modeling for airport coordinationHo, HW; Wong, SC; Loo, BPY200299
An Application of Landscape Metrics Analysis in SEA for Regional Spatial PlanningNg, CN; Yu, X2009139
Application of remote sensing/GIS in the analysis of hill fire impact on vegetation resources in Hong KongFung, T; Jim, CY1993119
Are the Important Bird Areas Adequately Protected under the Current Protected Areas System in Hong Kong?Ng, CN; Ma, C2005110
Assessing and Valuating Ecosystem Services of Air Pollution Abatement by Urban ForestJim, CY201164
Assessing livelihood impacts of tourism: a case study of Hong KongLiu, S; Tao, TCH201292
Assessing livelihood impacts of tourism: case studies of Hong KongLiu, S; Tao, TCH201079
Assessing the Applicability of 3D Visualization in Environmental Impact AssessmentKwong, KH; Lai, PC; Mak, ASH200873
Assessing the Quality of Newspaper Maps in Hong KongMak, ASH; Lai, PC200486
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