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'Age before Beauty': Adolescence, Spectacle and Body Politics in France, Fin-de-siecle'
University of Hong Kong, Department of Comparative Literature, Reseaarch Seminar
Pomfret, DM2003185
The American Foreign Policy Elite: Roots and Impact
In Our Time: America Since 1945, A Conference in Honour of Godfrey Hodgson, Arthur Miller Centre University of East Anglia
Roberts, PM2003130
American Jewish Bankers and European Affairs: The Case of Kuhn, Loeb Company
The Economic History Society Annual Conference 1998, University of Leeds, UK
Roberts, PM1998153
American Jewish Bankers and the League of Nations: the case of Kuhn, Loeb and Company
Annual Meeting of the Economic and Business History Society
Roberts, PM1997116
Anglo-American Relations: A Comparative Perspective'
Transatlantic Studies Conference, University of Dundee
Transaltantic Studies Association.
Roberts, PM2002115
The Anglo-American theme: American visions of an Atlantic Alliance, 1914-1933
Conference of British Association of American Studies, Cambridge, April 9, 1995
Roberts, PM1995129
Beijing or Nanjing: The Devolution of a National Capital
The Seventh International Planning History Conference, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece, 1996
MacPherson, KL1996141
Beijing or Nanjing? The deconstruction of a national Capital, 1928-1949
The 7th International Planning History Conference: The Planning of Capital Cities, Thessalomki, Greece
MacPherson, KL1996157
Beijing or Nanjing?: The Devolution of a Capital, 1911-1949
Seminar paper, Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management Seminar Programme
MacPherson, KL1997126
'British Higher Education Policy in the East Asian Colonies: Hong Kong and Singapore, 1900-1950'
Hong Kong and Singapore in History: A Comparative Study (HKU/NUS Joint Research Workshop)
Cunich, PA2003140
Caveat emptor! The attempts to control the 'venereals' in nineteenth century Hong Kong
International Conference, New Countries and Old Medicine, University of Auckland School of Medicine, August 23-27, 1994
MacPherson, KL1994125
Changing US Perceptions of China, David Bruce to the Present'
Fourth Baptist - Tsinghua Joint Conference, on 'China and the World in the Twenty-First Century: Hot Issues in Contemporary China'
Hong Kong Baptist University.
Roberts, PM2002112
Church Orientation - Easter Day alignments: some insights into the foundation process'
International Medieval Congress
Cunich, PA; Ali, JR2002150
Citizens of the Future in the City of Tomorrow: Planning for Children in European Cities, 1890-1940'
Tenth International Planning History Conference, London, England
Pomfret, DM2002136
The city and the state: Hong Kong identity in transition, 1911-1949
The 146th Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, Atlanta, January 3-7, 1996
MacPherson, KL1996112
Clara Haslewood and the Children of Empire: Colonial Policy International Relations and Child Slavery in Hong Kong
International Workshop on Women and International Relations
Fudan University.
Pomfret, DM2003143
Cold War Activities at the University of Hong Kong
Tenth Anniversary Summit, Cold War International History Project
Woodrow Wilson Center.
Roberts, PM2001111
The Cold War, the US Foreign Policy Establishment, and the American Rise to World Power
Symposium, 'The Cold War's Place in International History'
University of Hong Kong.
Roberts, PM2008132
Commentary on 'New Findings from the Nixon Tapes' and presentation on 'Cold War Activities in Hong Kong'
New Evidence on the Sino-American Opening and the Cold War: A Workshop Hosted by the George Washington University Cold War Group
George Washington University.
Roberts, PM2002112
Commentator: new perspectives on prostitution in Asia
The Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies, Honolulu, Hawaii, April 11-14, 1996
MacPherson, KL1996118
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