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After Renaissance: China’s Multilateral Offensive in the Developing WorldSohn, IJ2008144
Asian Barometer Survey III – Hong Kong ReportLam, WM; Ma, N; Wong, S201329
Asian Irrigation: Problems and ProspectsLam, WF200285
Assessing risks and benefits in SBE researchJordan, SR201246
Between confrontation and assimilation: China and the fragmentation of global financial governanceSohn, IJ201292
A case study of open source and public participation in catalyzing social innovationsLiu, HK; Sandfort, J2010270
The Challenge of Cooperation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen”Cheung, PTY200673
Challenges in Inter-governmental Cooperation and Coordination under “One Country, Two Systems”: The case of Hong Kong and Guangdong province since 1997”Cheung, PTY200790
The Changing Cross-boundary Interactions between State and Society in South China'Cheung, PTY2004112
The Changing Forms of Political Participation and Their Implication for Governance in Hong KongLam, WM201097
The changing relations between Hong Kong and Mainland China since 1997: the precarious search for political autonomy amid economic integrationCheung, PTY2010232
The changing relations between Hong Kong and Mainland since 1997: precarious search for political autonomy amid economic integrationCheung, PTY2010194
The changing relations between the Central Government and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region since 1997Cheung, PTY200991
China and East Asian Cooperation'Hu, RW200487
China and International Institutions: A Conceptual Discussion'Hu, RW200484
China's Administrative State: Facing the Next MillenniumBurns, JP199884
Citizen Evaluation of Local Government Performance in China: Evidence from Beijing's District'Burns, JP200681
Civic Engagement and the Policy Process in Hong Kong since 1997Cheung, PTY2010118
Civic engagement and the public policymaking in postcolonial Hong KongLee, EWY; Chan, JCW; Chan, EYM; Cheung, PTY; Lam, WF; Lam, WM2009185
Civil Society Organizations and Community Politics in Hong Kong'.Lee, EWY2006103
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