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100 Years of Public/Private Sector Cooperation in Japan: Lessons for South Africa
Invited address, joint sitting of the Long Range Planning Society of South Africa and the Development Society of South Africa
Pretorius, FIH198757
Achieving social sustainability in the workplace in construction industry: professional burnout-engagement and organizational environment
Sustainable Development in Building and Environment Conference
Chongqing University.
Rowlinson, S; Slavenburg, SF; McKinnell, KG; Jia, Y2009263
Achieving whole-life value: The challenges of service-led construction
Association of Researchers in Construction Management, ARCOM 2010 - Proceedings of the 26th Annual Conference
Haroglu, H; Leiringer, R2010108
Addressing Issues across Organisational Boundaries in Construction Projects
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
Liu, AMM; Fellows, RICHARD201167
Adjusting for age effects in the repeat sales index – an interest rate augmentation approach
The Inaugural Singapore-Hong Kong International Real Estate Research Symposium
Wong, SK; Chau, KW; Yiu, CY2003167
Adjusting for non-linear age effects in the repeat sales index
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics
Springer New York LLC. The Journal's web site is located at
Chau, KW; Wong, SK; Yiu, CY2005220
The Agent-construction System for procuring mega projects in China
Proceedings of the International Conference Management and Innovation for a Sustainable Built Environment
Lu, W; Liu, A; Wang, H; Wu, ZB2011176
Air Quality And Property Prices In High Density Urban Areas
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Tall Buildings
Chan, ATY; Chau, KW; Wong, SK; Lam, SK2005177
An alternative method for determining BOT concession period negotiation interval
Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering and Business Management
Wu, M2010238
An Alternative Theory of Land Rent, Empirical Evidence from Chongqing and Shanghai, China
The Seventeenth Annual American Real Estate Society Meeting
Chau, KW; Zhang, JH2001157
An analyseis of productivity growth in the construction industry: A non-parametric approach
Association of Researchers in Construction Management, ARCOM 2005 - Proceedings of the 21st Annual Conference
Chau, KW; Wang, YS2005141
Analysis and Research about Decision-making on Construction Sites in Hong Kong (in Chinese)
Natural Science and Engineering Journal
Yantai University.
Poon, SW; Wang, Y; Zhang, Y1998165
Analysis of Hong Kong Commercial Property Performance: 1984-1994
Fourth Australasian Real Estate Educators Conference
Newell, G; Pretorius, FIH199437
An Analysis of Housing Demand and Tenure Choice in Hong Kong
The Fifth Annual AsRES Meeting
Chau, KW; Fu, Q2000187
Application of Confined Spaces Regulation to a Bottom Up Basement Construction in Hong Kong
Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on City and Industrial Security and Exposition of Safety Detection Equipment
Poon, SW2003234
Application of Information Processing Theory on the inter-relationship of organizational culture and organizational structure
CIB W112 International Conference On Multi-National Construction Projects 2008
Li, YIH; Fellows, RF; Liu, AMM200857
Are contractors prepared to take on design and build contracts?
Conference by International Council for Building Research Studies, CIB-W92, Procurement Systems Symposium, Durban, South Africa, January 14-17, 1996
Ho, DCW; Chau, KW; Leung, HF1996189
Are Re-entrants Good Or Bad? An Empirical Test In Hong Kong
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Tall Buildings
Wong, SK; Yau, Y; Cheung, KC; Chau, KW; Ho, DCW2005169
Asset Valuation in China
Pacific Rim Real Estate Society Annual Conference
Li, LH1997166
Asymmetric Information – an Empirical Test on Housing Trading Volume
2009 Asia Pacific Real Estate Research Symposium, University of Southern California, California
Chau, KW; Wong, SK; Yiu, CY2009219
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