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100 Years of Public/Private Sector Cooperation in Japan: Lessons for South AfricaPretorius, FIH19875
Achieving social sustainability in the workplace in construction industry: professional burnout-engagement and organizational environmentRowlinson, S; Slavenburg, SF; McKinnell, KG; Jia, Y2009179
Achieving whole-life value: The challenges of service-led constructionHaroglu, H; Leiringer, R201066
Addressing Issues across Organisational Boundaries in Construction ProjectsLiu, AMM; Fellows, RICHARD201122
Adjusting for age effects in the repeat sales index – an interest rate augmentation approachWong, SK; Chau, KW; Yiu, CY2003126
Adjusting for non-linear age effects in the repeat sales indexChau, KW; Wong, SK; Yiu, CY2005162
The Agent-construction System for procuring mega projects in ChinaLu, W; Liu, A; Wang, H; Wu, ZB2011100
Air Quality And Property Prices In High Density Urban AreasChan, ATY; Chau, KW; Wong, SK; Lam, SK2005124
An alternative method for determining BOT concession period negotiation intervalWu, M2010183
An Alternative Theory of Land Rent, Empirical Evidence from Chongqing and Shanghai, ChinaChau, KW; Zhang, JH2001115
An analyseis of productivity growth in the construction industry: A non-parametric approachChau, KW; Wang, YS200571
Analysis and Research about Decision-making on Construction Sites in Hong Kong (in Chinese)Poon, SW; Wang, Y; Zhang, Y1998122
Analysis of Hong Kong Commercial Property Performance: 1984-1994Newell, G; Pretorius, FIH19946
An Analysis of Housing Demand and Tenure Choice in Hong KongChau, KW; Fu, Q2000145
Application of Confined Spaces Regulation to a Bottom Up Basement Construction in Hong KongPoon, SW2003155
Application of Information Processing Theory on the inter-relationship of organizational culture and organizational structureLi, YIH; Fellows, RF; Liu, AMM200823
Are contractors prepared to take on design and build contracts?Ho, DCW; Chau, KW; Leung, HF1996146
Are Re-entrants Good Or Bad? An Empirical Test In Hong KongWong, SK; Yau, Y; Cheung, KC; Chau, KW; Ho, DCW2005122
Asset Valuation in ChinaLi, LH1997124
Asymmetric Information – an Empirical Test on Housing Trading VolumeChau, KW; Wong, SK; Yiu, CY2009158
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