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Asian cosmopolianism: Crossing boundaries between literary communities
Conference on Narrating Race between Nationalisms and Globalisation, the National University of Singapore
Lam, ASL2006208
Asian poetry in English: A transcultural approach
Symposium on Englishization in Asia: Language and Cultural Issues
Hong Kong, China .
Lam, ASL2006178
Authorship as understood by postgraduate students in a university in Hong Kong: An exploratory study
3rd International Conference on Plagiarism, Northrumbia University, Newcastle, UK
Loong, YCW2008210
Biscriptural Reading In Chinese
International Symposium On Cognitive Processes Of The Chinese Language, 29 August to 2 September 1997
Cognitive Science Centre, HKU.
Lam, ASL1997190
Capturing Hong Kong
Hong Kong International Literary Festival
Lam, ASL2002165
Chinese language education in China: Policy and experience
AILA'2002 World Congress
Lam, ASL2002151
The Chinese script and psycholinguistic research
AILA' 99
Lam, ASL1999155
Deep China: a travelling metaphor
Open a full study of the East and the West
Kerr, D2012132
The development of poetic identities: Chinese voices in English from Hong Kong
Rewordings: 12th Biennial Symposium on the Literatures and Cultures of the Asia Pacific Region
Lam, ASL; Malby, ME2007132
The Dutch evidential NCI: A construction that didn't quite make it
Paper (Universität Trier. Linguistic Agency). Ser. A
LAUD Linguistic Agency.
Noel, D; Colleman, T2010190
ELT today: The experience of HKU and relevance for China
Keynote address presented at the conference on 'ELT reform in higher education in China' organized by the National Research Center for Foreign Language Education and the English Language Education Association in China
Lam, ASL2003153
English language education in China : An update
International Conference on 'Globalization, Culture and English Language Education in China and Hong Kong (SAR)', the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Lam, ASL; Chow, KM2001202
English-medium instruction in higher education in China: Two case studies
Invitational Symposium on Language Issues in English-medium Universities across Asia, the University of Hong Kong
Lam, ASL; Lu, ZS; Wu, YA2006211
Enhancing the participation of law students in academic tutorials
Improving University Teaching in Hong Kong : A Selection of Interim Reports from the Action Learning Project
The Action Learning Project.
Corcos, RD; Lam, ASL; Churchill, DW1996135
How amoral is Hong Kong writing in English ?
Paper presented at the tenth biennial symposium on Culture and Society in the Asia-Pacific Region, Centre for Studies in Australian Literature, The University of Western Australia
Lam, ASL2003131
An introduction to Hong Kong poetry
Seminar paper presented at the Centre of Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong
Lam, ASL1999134
An introduction to psycholinguistics and second language acquisition
Seminar paper presented to the Chinese Department, Tsinghua University
Lam, ASL1999139
Language Education Models For Multilingual and Bilingual Communities
Foreign Languages Department, The South China University of Technology
Lam, ASL1998150
Language Education Models For Multilingual Societies
Centre For English Language Communication, The National University Of Singapore, Singapore
Lam, ASL1998130
Language, education and literature in Hong Kong
Workshop on Hong Kong Culture at Joint Centre for Asia Pacific Studies, University of Toronto and York University
Lam, ASL1996143
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