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0.01 cm: Affectivity and Space in Chungking ExpressGan, WCH19991,685
ACI and NCI FIND and the evolution of evidentiality in Modern English expository texts: A case study in corpus-based diachronic construction grammarNoël, D200988
ACI verbs and NCI verbs in English and Dutch: A diachronic construction grammatical investigationNoël, D; Colleman, T2008126
Africa-Asia Literature and the Ethics of RecognitionBaxter, KI2009115
Applying diachronic construction grammar: the development of deontic 'be supposed to'Noel, D; van der Auwera, J200887
Areal features of Englishes in Asia?Lim, LLS; Ansaldo, U201152
Arthur Conan Doyle and the Case of the Cold ConsultantKerr, DWF2008114
As good as it gets? Unrepresented litigant and courtroom dynamics: a case studyLeung, J201324
Aspects of contemporary Cantonese Grammar: the structure and stratification of relative clausesMatthews, SJ; Yip, V199685
Authentic Chinese or Worshipers of the West? Linguistic Levels and the Social Distinctiveness of Code-switching Styles in Hong KongChen, KHY2008139
Auxiliary verbs in CantoneseLuke, KK; Nancarrow, OT1994101
Ayam tim and babi chin:typological convergence in Baba MalayMatthews, SJ; Ansaldo, U1997100
Bad boys and bad language: the sociolinguistics of swearwords in Hong Kong CantoneseBolton, KR; Hutton, CM1994159
Beyond fear and loathing in SG: towards a(n official) view of Singlish as complementary and not competingLim, LLS2009124
Bilingualism in Conrad's Asian and European FictionBaxter, KI200973
A bottom-up approach to understanding obscenityLeung, J; Wan, MMH201090
Breathing space: ecology and sovereignty in Pacific Island poetryHeim, O2010191
Buchan, Myth and ModernismKerr, DWF201061
Busy saying nothing new: Live silence in TV reporting of 9/11Jaworski, A; Fitzgerald, R; Constantinou, O200598
Can modifiers occur after nouns in Cantonese?Luke, KK199572
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