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0.01 cm: Affectivity and Space in Chungking Express
City as Text: Urban Topographies and Critical Interventions
The National University of Singapore.
Gan, WCH19991,833
ACI and NCI FIND and the evolution of evidentiality in Modern English expository texts: A case study in corpus-based diachronic construction grammar
CLAVIER 09 – Corpus Linguistics and Language Variation
Noël, D2009135
ACI verbs and NCI verbs in English and Dutch: A diachronic construction grammatical investigationNoël, D; Colleman, T2008166
Africa-Asia Literature and the Ethics of RecognitionBaxter, KI2009149
Applying diachronic construction grammar: the development of deontic 'be supposed to'Noel, D; van der Auwera, J2008111
Areal features of Englishes in Asia?
Conference Program of the 17th Annual Conference of International Association for World Englishes, IAWE 2011
International Association for World Englishes.
Lim, LLS; Ansaldo, U2011101
Arthur Conan Doyle and the Case of the Cold ConsultantKerr, DWF2008141
As good as it gets? Unrepresented litigant and courtroom dynamics: a case study
11th IAFL Biennial Conference 2013 Program
International Association of Forensic Linguists (IAFL).
Leung, J201360
Aspects of contemporary Cantonese Grammar: the structure and stratification of relative clauses
The International Symposium on Synchronic and Diachronic Perspecitves on the Grammar of Sinitic Languages, University of Melbourne
Matthews, SJ; Yip, V1996125
Authentic Chinese or Worshipers of the West? Linguistic Levels and the Social Distinctiveness of Code-switching Styles in Hong KongChen, KHY2008168
Auxiliary verbs in Cantonese
The Annual Research Forum, Linguistic Society of Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong, December 1994
Luke, KK; Nancarrow, OT1994149
Ayam tim and babi chin:typological convergence in Baba Malay
The International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian Linguistics, Universiti Sains, Malaysia, Penang
Matthews, SJ; Ansaldo, U1997142
Bad boys and bad language: the sociolinguistics of swearwords in Hong Kong Cantonese
Seminar on the Anthropology of Hong Kong Society, the Department of Sociology, The University of Hong Kong, December 1994
Bolton, KR; Hutton, CM1994205
Beyond fear and loathing in SG: towards a(n official) view of Singlish as complementary and not competing
Conference for the International Association for World Englishes
Lim, LLS2009165
Beyond the rim: redrawing boundaries in Pacific theatre
Shifting Grounds: Cultural Tectonics along the Pacific Rim
Heim, O201420
Bilingualism in Conrad's Asian and European Fiction
Modernist Studies Association Conference
Baxter, KI2009110
A bottom-up approach to understanding obscenity
Annual Conference of the Socio-Legal Studies Association
Leung, J; Wan, MMH2010127
Breathing space: ecology and sovereignty in Pacific Island poetry
Oceanic Conference on Creativity and Climate Change
Faculty of Arts and Law, The University of the South Pacific Laucala Campus.
Heim, O2010236
Busy saying nothing new: Live silence in TV reporting of 9/11
Mouton de Gruyter. The Journal's web site is located at
Jaworski, A; Fitzgerald, R; Constantinou, O2005174
Can modifiers occur after nouns in Cantonese?
The Fifth International Conference on Cantonese and Other Yue Dialects, Jian University, Guangzhou, December 1995
Luke, KK1995110
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