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Art and technology transfer: European glassmaking in eighteenth-century ChinaKnothe, F201113
Beyond the Jesuit religious mission: Artistic and technical influences at Kangxi's courtKnothe, F201316
Celebrating France inside and out: The enduring importance of diplomatic gifts under Louis XIVKnothe, F201116
Glassmaking in Western Europe and East AsiaKnothe, F201121
Global goes local: Visualizing regional cultures in the arts of Greater ChinaKnothe, F201320
A hybrid art at the imperial court: Global and local influences in glassmaking in Qing Dynasty ChinaKnothe, F201326
Non-destructive comparative analysis by X-ray Fluorescence of Asian and European 17th - 19th century glassesKnothe, F201417
Spanisches Glas: Spiegel kultureller Einflüße während der Renaissance und des BarockKnothe, F201120
An unbroken history: Conserving East Asian works of art and heritageKnothe, F201420
Verdure to Kesi: European eighteenth-century pictorial Tapestries and their Effect on Qianlong’s Weavers in Qing Dynasty ChinaKnothe, F201317
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