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René Burri – UtopiaKnothe, F20137
Spanisches Glas: Spiegel kultureller Einflüße während der Renaissance und des BarockKnothe, F201121
Sparkling Dews: Qing Dynasty and Modern GlasswareKnothe, F20148
Surviving Evil: The Pictorial Language of Sara AtzmonKnothe, F20148
Tapestry as a medium of propaganda at the court of Louis XIV: Display and audienceKnothe, F201021
Tapestry in the Baroque: Threads of SplendorKnothe, F20076
The Lugard Tribute =: 呈盧督頌詞.University of Hong Kong. University Museum and Art Gallery.; 香港大學. 美術博物館.2001219
An unbroken history: Conserving East Asian works of art and heritageKnothe, F201420
Venetian glass and its influence in Europe during the Renaissance and Baroque periodsKnothe, F201121
Venus – Renaissance Masterpiece Painting by Sandro Botticelli (1482)Knothe, F201310
Verdure to Kesi: European eighteenth-century pictorial Tapestries and their Effect on Qianlong’s Weavers in Qing Dynasty ChinaKnothe, F201317
Virtuous heritage: Xu family of Guangzhou: mandarins, revolutionaries, educators and scientistsTing, JSP; Wong, AYF; Hui, HKF201118
"Water" and "The Battle of the Granicus", catalogue entriesKnothe, F200719
The Yearning for VeniceKnothe, F20118
海貿流珍: 中國外銷品的風貌 = Picturing Cathay : Maritime and cultural images of the China tradePang, Tina; University of Hong Kong. University Museum and Art Gallery.2003511
聚墨留香: 攻玉山房藏中國古代書畫 = Anthology of ink : ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy from the Dr. S.Y. Yip collectionWong, Yin-fong, Anita; 黃燕芳; University of Hong Kong. University Museum and Art Gallery.; 香港大學. 美術博物館2004350
觀妙觀徼: 山西省館藏道敎文物Lam, Susan Y. Y.; University of Hong Kong. University Museum and Art Gallery.2003332
雲水襟懷:李虛白山水詩畫Wong, AYF201335
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