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Qualification and Certainty in L1 and L2 Students' WritingHyland, K; Milton, J1997162
Qualitative changes in first year medical students' conceptualizations of PBL: an anlaysis of reflective texts and pictorial metaphorsTse, LK201252
Race and native speakers in ELT: parents' perspectives in Hong KongSung, CCM2011131
Race in Asian poetry in English : ethnic, national and cosmopolitan representationsLam, ASL201189
Reflections on learning TESOL at a distanceLegg, MG; Knox, J201257
Reformulation in academic writing: shaping disciplinary argumentHyland, KL2009232
Representing readers in writing: Student and expert practicesHyland, K2005134
Research into practice: Enhancing students in exploring English-in-the-disciplineWong, LLC; Sin, FNK201247
A Research Study of the Online Triad Discourse in Hong KongWong, PMT201327
A research-informed approach to EMP: analysing student discourseStorey, AM; Tse, LK201176
Researching disciplinary discourses: perspectives from applied linguistics and medical education in a second language contextStorey, AM; Tse, LK; Chan, LK; Yip, LM; Tsang, WL; Wakeland, LJ2011123
Researching Discourse Roles of Social Work and Physiotherapy Learner-PractitionersLau, KK201252
Researching writingHyland, KL2010102
A Review of 'English as an international language in Asia: Implications for language education'Sung, CC; ZHANG, K201321
Review of the book Workplace DiscourseChan, CSC201241
Reworking writing: elaboration in academic research articlesHyland, KL2009106
'Robot Kung fu': Gender and professional identity in biology and philosophy reviewsTse, P; Hyland, K2008256
Scientific claims and community values: Articulating an academic cultureHyland, K1997101
Scientific writingHyland, K; SalagerMeyer, F2008212
Second language learner perceptions of ICT community to support collaborative knowledge construction in an English writing courseCheung, L2011131
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