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E-Learning initiatives in China: Pedagogy, policy and culture (Book Review)Cheung, LML2010116
EAP: Issues and directionsHyland, K; HampLyons, L2002172
EditorialHyland, K2007120
EditorialHyland, K2008194
EditorialHyland, K200676
EditorialHyland, K2008174
Editorial for 4,1: Some further thoughts on EAP and JEAPHampLyons, L; Hyland, K200597
The Effectiveness of the Integration of a Self-access Learning Component into a Taught CourseLaw, YY201246
Eighteen haikus for XiamenLam, ASL200891
EIL, ELF, Global English: Teaching and learning issuesZHANG, K; Sung, CC201325
Electronic portfolios for learning and assessmentWong, LLC200965
Engineering students' perceptions of reflection and independent learning in the context of English enhancementLau, KK201241
English as a multicultural language: English language education planning in multicultural contextsSung, CC201070
English for academic purposes and discourse analysisHyland, KL2011124
English for professional academic purposes: writing for scholarly publicationHyland, KL2009136
English in dentistry: challenges in assessment of writingCheung, L; Loong, Y; Tse, LK2010126
English in the academyHyland, KL2010131
English in the Discipline: Designing a cross-cultural English for Academic Purposes courseWong, LLC201156
The English language curriculum for senior secondary school in China: Its evolution from 1949Wenfeng, W; Lam, ASL2009222
English metalanguage awareness among primary school teachers In Hong KongTsang, WL2011202
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