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Medial subtalar arthroscopy: a cadaveric study of the tarsal canal portalLui, TH; Chan, LK; Chan, KB2013131
The mediastinal waltz - A representation of asymmetrical mediastinal anatomyChan, LK2011120
Medical humanities in the undergraduate medical curriculum: can it happen in Hong Kong?Chen, JY; Chan, LK; Chan, LC2009187
Medical student perception of suffering during the early clinical yearsChen, JY; Chan, LK; Lam, CLK; Chan, LC201286
Modified plantar plate tenodesis for correction of claw toe deformityLui, TH; Chan, LK; Chan, KB2010134
The mother-tongue medical vocabulary of final-year medical students in an English-medium medical programmeChan, LK; Tse, SK2009109
Overview of assessments in the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programmeChan, LK; Patil, NG200962
Pen, brush and camera: Outcomes-based medical humanitiesChen, JY; Salter, DJ; Chan, LC2010226
Portal safety and efficacy of anterior subtalar arthroscopy: A cadaveric studyLui, TH; Chan, KB; Chan, LK201079
Primacy of learning in introducing techology into PBLChan, LK; Lu, J; Ip, MSM; Yip, LM201168
Pulling my gut out-simple tools for engaging students in gross anatomy lecturesChan, LK2010209
The Range of Passive Arm Circumduction in Primates: Do Hominoids Really Have More Mobile Shoulders?Chan, LK2008105
The range of passive arm circumduction in primates: Do hominoids really have more mobile shoulders?Lap, KC200884
Researching disciplinary discourses: perspectives from applied linguistics and medical education in a second language contextStorey, AM; Tse, LK; Chan, LK; Yip, LM; Tsang, WL; Wakeland, LJ2011123
The role of interpersonal interactions in emotional regulation in medical student learningLajoie, SP; Cruz­Panesso, I; Summerside, C; Poitras, E; Hmelo­Silver, C; Wiseman, J; Lu, J; Chan, LK201328
Safety and efficacy of talonavicular arthroscopy in arthroscopic triple arthrodesis. A cadaveric studyLui, TH; Chan, LK201069
Scapular position in primatesChan, LK200653
Self-perceived preparedness for dental practice amongst graduates of The University of Hong Kong's integrated PBL dental curriculumYiu, CKY; McGrath, C; Bridges, S; Corbet, EF; Botelho, MG; Dyson, JE; Chan, LK2012205
Striking a balance between practicality and realism in developing teaching aids in anatomical education (Letter to the Editor)Chan, LK201081
Structure and mobility of the glenohumeral jointChan, LapKi199857
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