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Cadaveric Study of Zone 2 Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendon SheathLui, TH; Chan, KB; Chan, LK2010178
Can technology foster emotional regulation in medical students? An international case study approachLajoie, SP; Cruz­Panesso, I; Poitras, E; Kazemitabar, M; Wiseman, J; Chan, LK; Hmelo-Silver, C201293
A case-study exploring the role of affect and culture in communicating bad news: technology triggers for problem based learning and practiceLajoie, SP; Lu, J; Hmelo-Silver, C; Wiseman, J; Chan, LK2011188
The challenges of presenting the patient history in a second language context: evidence from clinical interlanguageStorey, AM; Tse, LK; Chan, LK; Yip, LM2011185
Clinical Competence Tests and other end-of-rotation testsChan, LK2009163
Communication in medical education: harnessing the power of the InternetWong, NS; Chau, MCH; Chan, LK2009161
A comparison of the problem-based learning process in a video-triggered and a paper-triggered caseChan, LK; Lu, J; Ip, M; Yip, LM2010123
The deduction of the level of the human larynx from bony landmarks: Its relevance to the evolutionos speechKi, CL1991106
Deep peroneal nerve injury following external fixation of the ankle: Case report and anatomic studyLui, TH; Chan, LK2011190
Discourse Of Clinical TrainingStorey, AM; Chan, LK; Tse, LK2009111
Does medical student willingness to practise peer physical examination translate into action?Chen, JY; Yip, ALM; Lam, CLK; Patil, NG2011285
Effects of training experienced teachers in the use of the one-minute preceptor technique in the gross anatomy laboratoryChan, LK; Sharma, N201426
Effects of video triggers on the PBL processChan, LK; Lu, J; Ip, MSM; Yip, ALM2012111
Employer perceptions of the competence of dental graduates from The University of Hong Kong's integrated problem-based learning dental curriculumYiu, C; McGrath, CPJ; Bridges, SM; Corbet, EF; Botelho, MG; Dyson, JE; Chan, LK2011192
Endoscopic distal soft-tissue release in the treatment of hallux valgus: A cadaveric studyLui, TH; Chan, KB; Chan, LK2010116
Endoscopic-assisted repair of acute Achilles tendon rupture with Krackow suture: An anatomic studyChan, KB; Lui, TH; Chan, LK2009133
Enhancement of student learning in PBL by video triggersChan, LK; Patil, N; Ip, M2010177
Enhancing cultural diversity through e-PBLChan, LK; Lu, J; Lajoie, SP; Wiseman, J; Hmelo-Silver, C201230
Evaluation of small-group teaching in human gross anatomy in a Caribbean medical schoolChan, LK; Ganguly, PK2008160
Glenohumeral mobility in primatesChan, LK200647
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