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United Nations sanctions on ChinaSokiera, JM; Roberts, PM201035
An Unpublished Personal Letter from Father Maurus Fang to Xiang Da: Some Reflections on Xiang Da’s Scholarship upon Western Learning during the Ming-Qing TransitionFung, KW2010117
Unraveling the Identity Complexity of Ho Shai-laiZheng, VWT; Wong, SL2009155
Uprooting Japan, implanting China: Taiwan's Koo Family 1945-1952Ho, CTM200989
Urban property as spiritual resource : the prosperity gospel phenomenon in coastal ChinaCao, N201278
"Variolation" and vaccination in late imperial China, ca 1570-1911Leung, AKC199674
Variolisation et vaccination dans la Chine prémoderne (1570-1911)Leung, AKC199698
The Vietnam War and Anglo-American relationsRoberts, PM2010118
Vietnam, 1698Wheeler, CJ200957
Voici des letters de vos filles: gender, writing, and religious literacy in nineteenth-century rural ChinaLi, J201022
W. M. Lowrie (1819-1847) and American Presbyterian Mission Press at MacaoFung, KW2010131
Wenzhou Christians and China’s Entrepreneurial ModernityCao, N201170
When migrant entrepreneurs meet global religion: transnational Chinese christian businesses in ParisCao, NL2010140
Why did Robert Kotewall collaborate with Japan?: The Eurasians in wartime Hong KongLee, PT201260
William Gamble (1830-1886) and JapanFung, KW2009134
Wilson, Charles EdwardPierpaoli, PG; Roberts, PM201028
Withstanding Communism: The Ho Tung Family of Hong Kong, 1946-1956Wong, SL200979
Women Practicing Medicine in Premodern ChinaLeung, AKC1999130
Women Secrets behinds their Wills: Life, Family and SocietyZheng, VWT; Wong, SL201088
'World History' means the rest of the World: ‘World History’ as a major in Chinese Colleges, 1950s-2000sLi, J201116
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