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‘Sacred Heart’ and the Appropriation of Catholic Faith in Nineteenth-Century ChinaLi, J201222
Savings banks in the Asia-Pacific region: a history of developmentLee, PT201177
Seeking Recognition from the Son of Heaven: King Taksin and Qing ChinaChin, JK201199
The selected correspondences of the Shanghai bankers from the Taiwan's Zhu Jiahua collectionLee, PT201162
Separatism, Ethnocracy, and the Future of Ethnic Politics in Burma (Myanmar)Egreteau, R201384
Series of Modern Asian Cities and Japan: Collection of Materials of Hong Kong as an Urban City (In Japanese)Hamashita, T; Lee, PT201342
Sexualité et sociabilité dans le Jin Ping Mei, roman érotique chinois de la fin du XVIème siècleLeung, AKC198484
Shadow education: the growth, evolution and implications of supplementary private tutoringBray, TM2010143
Shanghai Modernity in Hong Kong and TaipeiLee, PT201333
Shanghai Nostalgia: Historical Memory and Cultural Identity of Pre-1949.Lee, PT201250
Shanghainese in Hong Kong: an oral history account of P.Y. ShenLee, PT201244
Shanghainese in Hong Kong: an oral history account of Peggy P. LamLee, PT2011109
Ships and the Ecology of Dang Trong (aka Cochinchina), Central Vietnam (ca. 1550-1775)Wheeler, CJ200960
'Six Decades of Legal Development in Mainland China: Review and Reflections' (in Chinese)Chen, AHY200978
Smack, OperationRoberts, PM201028
The Smaller Contract inside the Big Contract: The Problematic Issue of the Loans provided by the Yokohama Specie Bank to the Sino-Japanese Joint Ventured Kyushu Iron Work.Lee, PT201050
Smith, Walter BedellRoberts, PM201032
The Smoking Women: The Image of ‘Modern Girl’ as Created by Calendar Posters.”Lee, PT201244
The Snake Totem Worship and divine service dedicated to the Sea Goddess in ancient Maritime WorldChin, JK2011143
Social movements and the law in post-colonial Hong KongChen, AHY2009118
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