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Narrative and Deceleration: A Narrative Study of Pai An Jing ChiLai, WY2009119
Navigation and trading ports in early Persian GulfChin, JK2010122
New Chinese Migrant Community in CambodiaChin, JK201252
New Chinese Migrants in Czech and Slovakia: A Fieldwork Report from Central EuropeChin, JK201067
Nietzschean proposition like Nihility and will to power: a study of the poetry of Shang QinLai, WY2010137
Notes to Chapters 39-49, 129-132Wheeler, CJ201073
An Observation of the Development of Civil Society in MacaoLeung, KC201249
Of gems and rohingyas: Indo-Burmese communities in Yunnan (China)Egreteau, R2010113
On 'same-year siblings' in rural South ChinaSantos, GD200819
On ‘same-year siblings’ in rural South ChinaSantos, GD201024
Oral History of an Old Urban Community in Cosmopolitan Hong KongWong, WL201217
Oral history on the internet: legal, ethical and methodological issues reconsideredWong, WL201094
An oral history study of mobility experience of Chinese educated immigrant women in Hong KongWong, WL2009134
Organized Medicine in Ming-Qing China:  State and Private Medical Institutions in the Lower Yangzi RegionLeung, AKC198767
The Origin of Idioms (In Chinese)Du, Z; Si, CM; Du, R2010101
Os "camponeses" e o "imperador": Reflexões etnográficas sobre orizicultura intensiva e estratificação social no Sudeste da ChinaSantos, GD200621
Other-Worldly: Making Chinese Medicine through Transnational Frames by Mei Zhan (Book Review)Leung, AKC201272
A passage to Burma? India, development, and democratization in MyanmarEgreteau, R201178
"Pauvre Xen Jang, sans vie, sans foi": numbers that measured Catholic Faith in Northeast ChinaLi, J201125
The peaceful co-existence of religions: reflection on Tang Junyi’s philosophy of religion (in Chinese)Chen, AHY200977
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