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Jade or JADE? Debating international sanctions on Burma’s gem industryEgreteau, R201181
Jade, migration, and conflict across the Yunnan-Burma bordersEgreteau, R2012135
Jamieson, Arthur BRoberts, PM201032
Japanese Kanpo texts on kakké in the late Tokugawa and early Meiji periodLeung, AKC201258
Japanese Studies in Hong Kong: Asian Context and Shift of Paradigm.Lee, PT201240
Jebb, Sir GladwynRoberts, PM201037
Jessup, Philip CarylRoberts, PM201036
Johnson, Ural AlexisRoberts, PM201037
Jooste, Gerhardus PetrusRoberts, PM201038
Junk Trade, Business Networks and Sojourning comminities: Hokkien Merchants in Early Maritime AsiaChin, JK; Ya, P; Lu, X2011118
Junk trade, businesss networks and sojourning communities: Hokkien merchants in early maritime AsiaChin, JK2010156
Katzin, Alfred G.Roberts, PM201051
Kennan-Malik conversationsRoberts, PM201035
Kim Sae SunRoberts, PM201035
Kim UngRoberts, PM201053
King Taksin and Qing China: Siam-Chinese Relations during the Thonburi Period as Seen from the Perspective of Chinese Maritime PolicyChin, JK201191
Kingsley, John DonaldRoberts, PM201039
Knowland, William FifeRoberts, PM201036
Korea Aid Bill of 1947Roberts, PM201035
Korea Aid Bill of 1950Roberts, PM201035
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