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Health and Hygiene in Chinese East Asia: Policies and Publics in the Long Twentieth CenturyLeung, AKC; Furth, C201088
Hickerson, John DeweyRoberts, PM201040
Histoire de la Birmanie contemporaine: le pays des prétoriensEgreteau, R2010102
Historical memory and cultural identity of Shanghai city: A case study of Shanghai before 1949Lee, PT201250
The Historical Memory of Shanghainese in Hong Kong: Nostalgia, Cultural Identity, and Network WeavingLee, PT201321
History education in the Universities of Hong Kong during the past hundred years: Inspirations from the works of the University of Hong KongHui, CH; Choi, SH200952
History of Bank of China: Archives, Artifacts and InterpretationLee, PT201087
History of Bank of China: archives, artifacts and method of interpretationLee, PT2013104
The Hokkien merchants in the South China Sea, 1500–1800Chin, JK201274
The Hokkien networks in historical maritime AsiaChin, JK201268
Hokkien Sangleys, Pirate and Mandarin: The Early Encounters between Ming China and Castilians in the PhilippinesChin, JK201185
Hong Kong movers and stayers: narratives of family migrationSalaff, JW; Wong, SL; Greve, A2010112
Hong Kong stock broker: The life of Tung Wai in Hong Kong and ShanghaiLee, PT201349
Hong Kong's Chaozhou Rice Merchants and their Rice Supply NetworkZheng, VWT; Wong, SL200993
Hong Kong, British Crown colony ofRoberts, PM201050
“Hong Kong’s Progress in the Rule of Law, Constitutionalism and Democracy: From Colony to Special Administrative Region” (in Chinese)Chen, AHY200981
Hong Kong’s Yue Yuen Group and The Tsai FamilyHo, CT201195
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Tianjin Branch and Wu Jim-pah's Involvement in Early Modernisation of North ChinaHui, C201092
How is health a security issue? Politics, responses and issuesLo, CYP; Thomas, N201079
How money was circulated among Hong Kong, China and North America: the Ma Tsui Chiu networks, 1900s-1940sLee, PT201170
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