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East Asia's new democracies: deepening, reversal, non-liberal alternativesChu, YW; Wong, SL201086
East Meets West—Banking, Commerce and Investment in the Ottoman Empire. Edited by Philip L. Cottrell, Ian L. Fraser, and Monika Pohle Fraser. (Book review)Roberts, PM200920
EditorialBeh, PSL2006102
EditorialBray, M; Lee, CJ2010190
Educación Comparada: Tradiciones, Nuevos Retos y Nuevos ParadigmasBray, TM201083
Educated Immigrant Wives Negotiating For Families Of SuccessWong, WL201139
Education in the small states of the Commonwealth: Towards and beyond global goals and targetsCrossley, M; Bray, M; Packer, S2009140
Eisenhower's Trip to KoreaRoberts, PM201032
Eisenhower, Dwight DavidRoberts, PM201031
Elementary Education in the Lower Yangtze Region in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth CenturiesLeung, AKC199486
Elite Christianity and Spiritual NationalismCao, N201327
Elsey, George McKeeRoberts, PM201011
Emergency powers, constitutionalism and legal transplants: the East Asian experienceChen, AHY201089
Emigration and stability in Hong KongWong SiuLun199268
Emmons, Arthur B., IIIRoberts, PM201034
Empire and the Circulation of Frontier Intelligence: Qing Conceptions of the OttomansMosca, MW2010126
Entezam, NasrollahRoberts, PM201029
Entraide spontanée, entraide provoquée en Chine rurale: l’intervention communiste (1943-44)Aubert, C; Cheng, Y; Leung, AKC198267
A Escola de Antropologia de Coimbra, 1885-1950: o que significa seguir uma regra científica?Santos, GD200533
The Eurasians in Hong Kong: the case of Robert Kotewall in the wartimeLee, PT201298
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