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Davies, John PatonRoberts, PM201044
Dean, Arthur HobsonRoberts, PM201030
A decade's struggle: ideology, frame transformation and collective action of the Chinese Falun Gong MovementChan, CSC201087
Decentring: The Rise of Hong Kong as a Network SocietyWong, SL200980
Defining Hong Kong as an emerging protest space: the anti-globalisation movementKuah-Pearce, KE200992
Democracy burdens: the politics of Burmese Diasporic Networks in AsiaEgreteau, R201173
Democratization from within, or without? Assessing India's potential democratizing influence in and on Burma/MyanmarEgreteau, R201189
Development and diffusion of savings and savings banks in China: a historical perspectiveLee, PT201168
Dignity of the Nation, Gender Equality, or Charity for All?  Options for the First Modern Chinese Women DoctorsLeung, AKC200671
Diseases of the Premodern Period in ChinaLeung, AKC199379
Dissemination of Catholicism in Northeast China in the Nineteenth Century: A Study on the MEPLi, J201313
Doing compassion: the reach of humanistic Buddhism into ChinaKuah-Pearce, KE201073
Doing ideology amid a crisis: collective actions and discourses of the Chinese Falun Gong MovementChan, CSC2010102
DOROTHY KO, Teachers of the Inner Chambers: Women and Culture in 17th-century China, Stanford University Press, 1994. 395 pp. paperback £12.95Leung, AKC1996153
East Asia's new democracies: deepening, reversal, non-liberal alternativesChu, YW; Wong, SL201086
East Meets West—Banking, Commerce and Investment in the Ottoman Empire. Edited by Philip L. Cottrell, Ian L. Fraser, and Monika Pohle Fraser. (Book review)Roberts, PM200920
EditorialBeh, PSL2006102
EditorialBray, M; Lee, CJ2010190
Educación Comparada: Tradiciones, Nuevos Retos y Nuevos ParadigmasBray, TM201083
Educated Immigrant Wives Negotiating For Families Of SuccessWong, WL201139
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