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Calendar posters and modern Chinese women, 1920s-30s)Lee, PT2012121
Calendar posters and the business rivalry in the modern Chinese tobacco industry, 1920s-30sLee, PT201326
Calendar Posters and the Business Rivalry in the Tobacco Industry of Modern China, 1920s-1930sLee, PT201266
Can Burma Learn from India's 'Democratic Model' Comparative Reflections on India and Burma's Democratizing Dynamics and ProspectsEgreteau, R201093
Cantonese Society in Hong Kong and Singapore: Gender, Religion, Medicine and Money (edited and introduced by Jean DeBernardi), Marjorie Topley (Book Review)Lee, PT201270
The capital and business networks of Hong Kong Chinese merchant Ma Tsui Chiu: An analysis of the account booksLee, PT201181
Capital and network: The critical factors for the rise of Chinese merchants in Hong KongLee, PT201160
Catherine Despeux, ed., Medicine, religion et societe dans la Chine medievale: Etude de manuscrits chinois de Dunhuang et de TurfanLeung, AKC2012109
Chauvel, Jean Michel HenriRoberts, PM201065
“China Is Paradise”: Migration and Diasporic Solidarities among Burmese Muslim Traders in the Yunnan-Burma/Myanmar BorderlandsEgreteau, R2012114
China lobbyRoberts, PM201035
The China-India rivalry reconceptualizedEgreteau, R2012112
'China’s March Towards the Rule of Law' (in Chinese)Chen, AHY2009123
China’s Private Commercial Engagement in Africa: The Wenzhou Trade Diaspora in NigeriaCao, N201184
The Chinese banker in refuge: Bian Baimei in Hong Kong, 1948-49.Lee, PT2011107
Chinese christian virgins and catholic communities of women in northeast ChinaLi, J201340
Chinese ethnic group and faction: the trans-boundary networks of Aw Boon HawLee, PT2010102
Chinese family business and the equal inheritance system: unravelling the mythZheng, VWT2010135
Chinese in San Francisco, 1850-1943: A Trans-Pacific Community (Book Review)Li, J; Chin, JK201169
Chinese kinship: contemporary anthropological perspectivesBrandtstädter, S; Santos, GD200823
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