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The birth of physical anthropology in late imperial PortugalSantos, G201224
The birth of the modern Chinese hospitalLeung, AKC201336
Bohlen, Charles EustisRoberts, PM201047
Book Review on "Chinese Circulations: Capital, Commodities, and Networks in Southeast Asia", edited by Eric Tagliacozzo and Wen-Chin ChangChin, JK201226
Book review on Chine et christianisme. Action et réaction《中國與基督教 ─ 行動與反應》 by Jacques GernetLeung, AKC1988129
Book review on Chinese Society in the Eighteenth Century by Susan Naquin and Evelyn RawskiLeung, AKC1988100
Book Review on Community Schools and the State in Ming China by Sarah SchneewindLeung, AKC200797
Book review on Contagion:  perspectives from pre-modern societies (edited by Lawrence I. Conrad and Dominik Wujastyk)Leung, AKC2003100
Book review on Hankow:  Conflict and Community in a Chinese City 1796-1895 《漢口:一個中國都市內的衝突與共同體》by William T. RoweLeung, AKC1990125
Book Review on Innovations in Chinese Medicine (edited by Elisabeth Hsu)Leung, AKC200480
Book review on Lettrés et pouvoirs.  Un procès littéraire dans la Chine impériale by Pierre-Henri DurandLeung, AKC199598
Book review on Popular Culture in Late Imperial China 《中國明清時期的通俗文化》 (edited by David Johnson, Andrew Nathan and Evelyn Rawski)Leung, AKC1990151
Book review on Recevoir, conserver, transmettre:  l' adaption dans l' histoire de la famille chinoise.  Aspects religieux, sociaux et juridiques by Françoise Lauwaert,Leung, AKC199291
Book Review on Sars in China: Prelude to Pandemic? (edited by Arthur Kleinman and James L. Watson)Leung, AKC200696
Book review on The Great Enterprise: the Manchu Reconstruction of Imperial Order in Seventeenth Century China 《宏業 ─ 十七世紀滿族重建中國帝國秩序之過程》by Frederic Wakeman, Jr.Leung, AKC1988152
Boss Christians: The business of religion in the "Wenzhou model" of Christian revivalCao, N200878
Boss-Christen: Religionsbusiness nach dem?: Wenzhou-Modell?: der Wiederbelebung des ChristentumsCao, NL2009126
Bowles, Chester BlissRoberts, PM201036
Bradley-Bohlen Mission to KoreaRoberts, PM201037
BrainwashingRoberts, PM201036
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