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Accountability, Corruption and Government Effectiveness in Asia: An Exploration of World Bank Governance IndicatorsBrewer, GA; Choi, YJ; Walker, RM2007336
Accuracy Improvement of Land Use Change Detection Using Principal Components Analysis: A Case Study in the Pearl River DeltaYeh, AGO; Li, X1997140
Alternative approach to credit scoring by DEA: Evaluating borrowers with respect to PFI projectsCheng, EWL; Chiang, YH; Tang, BS2007158
Alternative theories of appraisal biasYiu, CY; Tang, BS; Chiang, YH; Choy, LHT200686
Altruism, social responsibility, and support of government responsibility for social welfare: A study of community perceptions in Hong KongTam, TSK; Yeung, S199922
Analyzing spatial restructuring of land use patterns in a fast growing region using remote sensing and GISLi, X; Yeh, AGO200469
The Application of Principal Component Analysis and Celluar Automata in Spatial Decision and Urban Modelling (in Chinese)Li, X; Yeh, AGO2001244
Applying an anomaly-detection algorithm for short-term land use and land cover change detection using time-series SAR imagesQian, J; Li, X; Liao, S; Yeh, AGO201076
Applying case-based reasoning to urban planning: A new planning-support system toolYeh, AGO; Shi, X199963
The architecture for a real-time traffic multimedia internet geographic information systemYeh, AGO; Lai, PC; Wong, SC; Yung, NHC2004388
Assessing corporate environmental risk in China: An evaluation of reporting activities of Hong Kong listed enterprisesChan, JCH; Welford, R2005146
Assessing the effectiveness of dynamic symbols in cartographic communicationLai, PC; Yeh, AGO2004143
Assessing the incentives in regional city-to-city cooperation: a case study of Jiangyin-Jingjiang Industrial Park of Jiangsu Province in the Yangtze River Delta regionChan, RCK; Xian, S2012123
Assessment of Alternative Wastewater Treatment Approaches in Guangzhou, ChinaHills, PR; Tao, Y1999151
Behind closed doors: should advisory bodies be open to the public?Hills, PR1997108
Beijing's socio-spatial restructuring: Immigration and social transformation in the epoch of national economic reformationGu, C; Chan, RCK; Liu, J; Kesteloot, C2006169
Benchmarking Retailers on Ethical TradingWelford, RJ; Young, W2003115
Beyond Chapala and Cancún: Grappling with the impact of American migration to Mexico | Más allá de Chapala y Cancún: Lidiando con el impacto de la migración estadounidense en MéxicoSchafran, A; Monkkonen, P2011146
Beyond Hong Kong 2030: a short commentary on HK2030 and SZ2030Ng, MK2008174
Beyond systems: A vision for corporate environmental management for the futureWelford, R2003147
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