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Action Reflection on the Teaching of Community Work: Report on the Action Learning Project of the Community Work Skills LaboratoryChan, CLW; Chui, EWT; Wong, YC; Wong, KP; Tam, V1997107
The Ambivalence of Local Level Political Elites: Views of the 1994 District Board Election CandidatesChui, EWT199567
Assessing families and couples—From symptom to systemLee, WY2006105
Assessment In Professional Training In Higher Education -- An Exploration Into The Issues Of Assessment In Social Work Field Education In Hong Kong. Doctor Of Education ThesisChui, EWT2005112
Authority and Benevolence: Social Welfare in China (in Chinese, revised version)Leung, JCB; Nann, R1996155
Authority and Benevolence: Social Welfare in ChinaLeung, JCB; Nann, R199593
Be Your Child's Psychologist, by Eugene Group, Hong Kong, 1998, Chinese Book, 250 pagesTsang, SKM1998110
Beyond Being Gay: The Proliferation Of Political Identities In Colonial Hong KongHo, PSY; Tsang, AKT200480
Beyond Sex Work: An Analysis Of Xiaojies’ Understandings Of Work In The Pearl River Delta Area, China.Ding, Y; Ho, PSY2008147
The Body-Mind-Spirit Integrative Health Approach: Group Counselling Theory and Application. Beijing: Ethic Publishing House (In Chinese)Chan, CLW; Fan, FW; Gong, RY200397
Building healthy communities, Proceedings of The Third International Asian Health and Wellbeing ConferenceTse, SSK; Sobrun-Maharaj, A; Garg, S; Hoque, ME; Ratnasabapathy, Y200865
A Casebook For Social Word Education In China 2008Ho, PSY200774
Child Protection in Chinese Societies: Challenges and PoliciesChan, KL2012106
Chinese Culture and CounselingChan, CLW; Fan, F; Ho, MY; Wong, AMP2002159
Citizen Participation and Social AccountabilityLau, FPY201245
Client participation among young probationers : myth or realityLee, Wing-lin, Francis; Lam, Chiu-wan; Chau, Chiu-hung, Bibiana2001156
Client Participation among Young Probationers: Myth or RealityLee, FWL; Lam, CW; Lo, BCH200186
Clinical Case Management For People With Mental Illness: A Bio-psychosocial Vulnerability-stress ModelWong, DFK2006132
Community Diagnosis for Shamshuipo District (In process)Chui, EWT200267
Community Mobilization and the Environment in Hong KongHills, PR; Chan, CLW1997138
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