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Book: Proceedings of the third Asia-Pacific Symposium on Wind Engineering: December 13-15, 1993, Hong Kong

TitleProceedings of the third Asia-Pacific Symposium on Wind Engineering: December 13-15, 1993, Hong Kong
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Issue Date1993
PublisherDept. of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Hong Kong
DescriptionIncludes bibliographical references and index.
SubjectConferences held in Hong Kong -- Wind-pressure.
Wind-pressure -- Congresses.
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dc.contributor.authorCheung, Yau Kaien_HK
dc.contributor.authorLam, K. M.en_HK
dc.contributor.otherUniversity of Hong Kong. Dept. of Civil and Structural Engineering.en_HK
dc.descriptionIncludes bibliographical references and index.en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Foreword Cheung, Y.K. Cheung, Y.K.en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Acknowledgementen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Scientific advisory boarden_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Organizing committeeen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Author indexen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 tForeword Cheung, Y.K. Cheung, Y.K.en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Acknowledgementen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Scientific advisory boarden_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Organizing committeeen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Author indexen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Keynote papersen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wind environment assessment: a case study in the Brisbane CBD Letchford, C.W. Letchford, C.W. Ginger, J.D. Ginger, J.D. 973en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Generic models for pedestrian-level winds in built- up regions Stathopoulos, Theodore Stathopoulos, Theodore Wu, Hanqing Wu, Hanqing 979en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Evaluation of pedestrian level wind environment around a row of tall buildings To, A.P. To, A.P. Lam, K.M. Lam, K.M. Thung, D.K.T. Thung, D.K.T. 985en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Computational atmospheric dispersion of a pollutant over a complex-shaped terrain Morais, M.J.S. Morais, M.J.S. Oliveira, L.A. Oliveira, L.A. 993en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Field study of roof top dispersion in urban area Lam, K.S. Lam, K.S. Kot, S.C. Kot, S.C. 999en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Effects of model scale in estimating pollutant dispersion near buildings Saathoff, P.J. Saathoff, P.J. Stathopoulos, T. Stathopoulos, T. Dobrescu, M. Dobrescu, M. 1005en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Building downwash of plumes and plume interactions Cheung, J.C.K. Cheung, J.C.K. Melbourne, W.H. Melbourne, W.H. 1011en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Models of urban air diffusion and their application Wang, Shu-fang Wang, Shu-fang 1017en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Plume diffusion model of internal boundary layer Xuan, Jie Xuan, Jie Ye, Wenhu Ye, Wenhu Sun, Tianfeng Sun, Tianfeng 1023en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Bluff body aerodynamics and separationen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Numerical simulation of the thermal internal boundary layer in coastal area - application of E-... closure model Wang, W.G. Wang, W.G. Jiang, W.M. Jiang, W.M. 477en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 A new research method of atmospheric environmental capacity Liu, Baozhang Liu, Baozhang 1029en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Study on the thermal internal boundary layer and dispersion of air pollutant in coastal area by numerical simulation Jiang, W.M. Jiang, W.M. Yu, H.B. Yu, H.B. 1035en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 A puff model under changing meteorological condition used in a real time dose assessment system for Qinshan nuclear power plant Hu, Erbang Hu, Erbang Wang, Han Wang, Han 1041en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wind-tunnel simulation on the thermal buoyancy plume rise and disperson from multiple stack Xie, G.L. Xie, G.L. Jiang, W.M. Jiang, W.M. 1047en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wind tunnel modeling of dust emission and deposition in lower atmosphere: similarity principles Xuan, Jie Xuan, Jie Ye, Wenhu Ye, Wenhu 1053en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Experimental studies of dispersion near building complex Zhang, Maoshuan Zhang, Maoshuan Yao, Rentai Yao, Rentai 1059en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Low-altitude wind structure and atmospheric pollutant diffusion Zheng, Xiong Zheng, Xiong 1065en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Drag reduction of trucks through boundary-layer control Modi, V.J. Modi, V.J. St.Hill, S. St.Hill, S. Yokomizo, T. Yokomizo, T. 1073en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Environment over Helideck of offshore platform Chen, Qiang Chen, Qiang Gu, Zhifu Gu, Zhifu Sun, Tianfeng Sun, Tianfeng Song, San Song, San 1079en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Some wind tunnel experiments on three-dimensional effects of circulation control sail wing Pan, Weiming Pan, Weiming Wang, Xianfu Wang, Xianfu Zhang, Shaoqing Zhang, Shaoqing 1085en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Experimental and numerical simulation of flow around two-dimensional hills Ferreira, A.D. Ferreira, A.D. Lopes, A.M.G. Lopes, A.M.G. Viegas, D.X. Viegas, D.X. Sousa, A.C.M. Sousa, A.C.M. 483en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Roofs and low riseen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wake survey and analysis on the scaled car models Wang, Maoxun Wang, Maoxun Zhou, Yuping Zhou, Yuping Zhu, Wei Zhu, Wei 1091en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Numerical simulation and characteristic analysis of flow around embankment of railway line Zhang, Jianbo Zhang, Jianbo Cui, Erjie Cui, Erjie Fu, Guangming Fu, Guangming 1097en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Study on the numerical method for surrounding flow field of coaches Gong, G.Y. Gong, G.Y. Chen, Y.S. Chen, Y.S. Li, Q.F. Li, Q.F. Gao, L. Gao, L. 1103en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 100 passenger air foil craft type AF-2 Hu, An-ding Hu, An-ding 1109en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Full-scale measurements of the effect of a porous windbreak on wind spectra Richardson, G.M. Richardson, G.M. Richards, P.J. Richards, P.J. 1117en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Measurement of the Reynolds stress structure behind the multiple windbreaks across-wind Shiau, Bao-shi Shiau, Bao-shi 1123en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Modelling the flow field around windbreaks with surface vorticity method Chou, C.R. Chou, C.R. Yim, John Z. Yim, John Z. Yu, C.C. Yu, C.C. 1129en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 The deposition of sand particles on and around structures with domes roofs Aroussi, A. Aroussi, A. 1135en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wind powered treatment of waste water - FRED's 'water' process Shrimpton, J.S. Shrimpton, J.S. Janes, D.A. Janes, D.A. Thomas, N.H. Thomas, N.H. 1141en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Flow blocking on windward slope Sang, Jianguo Sang, Jianguo Zhang, Boyin Zhang, Boyin Niu, Zhen-nan Niu, Zhen-nan 489en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Flow visualization of a rotating wind turbine blade Dahlberg, Jan-Ake Dahlberg, Jan-Ake Ronsten, Goran Ronsten, Goran He, Dexin He, Dexin Chen, Ming Chen, Ming 1147en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wind codes and wind damageen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 A research and exploitation on wind energy resources along the coast of Guangdong province Luo, Jinlin Luo, Jinlin 1155en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 The stable position of a radar antenna system and application of the aerodynamic compensator to an array antenna Bian, Zongshan Bian, Zongshan Wu, Zhicheng Wu, Zhicheng 1159en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Comparative study of the storm surge models proposed for Bangladesh: last developments and research needs As-Salek, J.A. As-Salek, J.A. Yasuda, T. Yasuda, T. 1165en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Comparative study for assessment code of transport of radioactive material and research of model Li, Jikai Li, Jikai Wang, Jiaming Wang, Jiaming 1171en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 The mechanism of unfavourable effects of wind on efficiency of dry cooling towers Wei, Qing-ding Wei, Qing-ding Zhang, Be-yin Zhang, Be-yin Liu, Ke-qi Liu, Ke-qi Du, Xiang-dong Du, Xiang-dong Meng, Xian-zhong Meng, Xian-zhong 1177en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Weakly nonlinear deep water waves under wind action Yim, John Z. Yim, John Z. Chou, C.R. Chou, C.R. Liu, P.E. Liu, P.E. 1183en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Aspects of the wind energy potential in the former Soviet Union Kukharkin, Nikolai N. Kukharkin, Nikolai N. 1189en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Learning from Hurricane Iniki Chiu, Arthur N.L. Chiu, Arthur N.L. Chiu, Gregory L.F. Chiu, Gregory L.F. 1195en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Numerical simulation of the local wind field and turbulent characteristics for sun-radiation heated, unstable stratified atmospheric boundary layer around a two-dimensional hill Du, Guoliang Du, Guoliang 493en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Dampers and active controlen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wind tunnel techniquesen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Pedestrian level windsen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Atmospheric dispersionen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Transportationen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wind breaks, wind power and othersen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Progress in physical modeling for wind-engineering Cermak, Jack E. Cermak, Jack E. 3en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 How can we simplify and generalize wind loads? Davenport, A.G. Davenport, A.G. 15en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 The response of large roofs to wind action Melbourne, W.H. Melbourne, W.H. 27en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Wind loads on low rise buildings Krishna, P. Krishna, P. 39en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Study on turbulent flow over a two-dimensional ridge by a non-hydrostatic higher-order closure model Liu, H.N. Liu, H.N. Wu, X.M. Wu, X.M. 499en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 On turbulent vortex shedding flow past 2D square cylinder predicted by CFD Murakami, S. Murakami, S. Mochida, A. Mochida, A. 41en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Interference between wind loading on group of structures Sun, T.F. Sun, T.F. Gu, Z.F. Gu, Z.F. 57en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 The effect of section model details on aeroelastic parameters Jones, N.P. Jones, N.P. Scanlan, R.H. Scanlan, R.H. Sarkar, P.P. Sarkar, P.P. Singh, L. Singh, L. 71en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Improvements of aerodynamic behaviors for box girder bridges with triangular fairings Nagao, F. Nagao, F. Utsunomiya, H. Utsunomiya, H. Manabe, S. Manabe, S. Kawase, A. Kawase, A. 77en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Effects of turbulence on torsional flutter of a bridge deck Kobayashi, H. Kobayashi, H. Hatanaka, A. Hatanaka, A. Ueda, T. Ueda, T. 83en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Tsing Ma Bridge - superstructure evolution Beard, A.S. Beard, A.S. Simpson, A.G. Simpson, A.G. Coleman, S.A. Coleman, S.A. 89en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Methods of wind response investigation employed for the Kap Shui Mun Bridge Scanlan, R.H. Scanlan, R.H. Stroh, S.L. Stroh, S.L. Raggett, J.D. Raggett, J.D. 95en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Study on aerodynamic selection of cross section for suspension bridges in China Xiang, H.F. Xiang, H.F. Lin, Z.X. Lin, Z.X. Song, J.Z. Song, J.Z. 101en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Wind tunnel testing for the second Severn Bridge Irwin, P.A. Irwin, P.A. Xie, J. Xie, J. 107en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Aerodynamic stability of self-anchored double deck suspension bridge Kwon, S.D. Kwon, S.D. Chang, S.P. Chang, S.P. Kim, Y.S. Kim, Y.S. Park, S.Y. Park, S.Y. 113en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 The numerical prediction of a turbulent flow over a curved hill Xu, Cheng Xu, Cheng Wu, Xiao-song Wu, Xiao -song Fa, Li-xia Fa, Li-xia Wang, Zhu-gao Wang, Zhu- gao 505en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Analysis of experimental data from wind-induced response of a Long Span Bridge Brownjohn, J.M.W. Brownjohn, J.M.W. Zasso, A. Zasso, A. Stephen, G.A. Stephen, G.A. Severn, R.T. Severn, R.T. 119en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Identification of flutter derivatives of bridge deck from free vibration data Iwamoto, M. Iwamoto, M. Fujino, Y. Fujino, Y. 125en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Comparisons between wind tunnel tests on a full aeroelastic model of the proposed bridge over Stretto di Messina and numerical results (part I) Larose, G.L. Larose, G.L. Damsgaard, A. Damsgaard, A. Falco, M. Falco, M. Cigada, A. Cigada, A. 131en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Comparison between wind tunnel test on a full aeroelastic model of the proposed Messina Bridge and numerical results (part II) Diana, G. Diana, G. Cheli, F. Cheli, F. Bruni, S. Bruni, S. Collina A. Collina A. Larose, G.L. Larose, G.L. 137en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Extensive identification of bridge deck aeroelatic coefficients: average angle of attack, Reynolds number and other parameter effects Curami, A. Curami, A. Zasso, A. Zasso, A. 143en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Consideration of the typhoon behaviour of the Kao Ping Hsi Bridge in Taiwan Wenzel, Helmut Wenzel, Helmut 149en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Damping effects of cable cross ties in cable-stayed bridges Yamaguchi, H. Yamaguchi, H. Nagahawatta, H.D. Nagahawatta, H.D. 155en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Aeroelastic characteristics of a stressed ribbon pedestrian bridge spanning 252m Pirner, M. Pirner, M. 161en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Wind resistant design for long span suspension bridges Kazama, K. Kazama, K. Yamada, H. Yamada, H. Yamada, H. Miyata, T. Miyata, T. 169en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 System identification procedure for structural parameters and wind characteristics in ambient vibration surveys Jones, Nicholas P. Jones, Nicholas P. Shi, Tinghui Shi, Tinghui Hugh Ellis, J. Hugh Ellis, J. Scanlan, Robert H. Scanlan, Robert H. 175en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Analysis of peak gust vs. fastest-mile wind statistics Peterson, Richard E. Peterson, Richard E. Goldstein, Steven D. Goldstein, Steven D. Mehta, K.C. Mehta, K.C. 513en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 An analysis method for buffeting responses of flexible bridge with aerodynamic coupling between modes Qu, W.L. Qu, W.L. Xiang, H.F. Xiang, H.F. 181en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Comparative study in coupled flutter analysis methods of a long span suspension bridge Yamada, Hitoshi Yamada, Hitoshi Miyata, Toshio Miyata, Toshio 187en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Predicting aerodynamic response of retrofitted Deer Isle bridge to turbulent wind Cai, Chun-sheng Cai, Chun- sheng Albrecht, Pedro Albrecht, Pedro Bosch, Harold R. Bosch, Harold R. 193en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Wind-induced lateral-torsional instability of cable -stayed bridges during erection Boonyapinyo, Virote Boonyapinyo, Virote Miyata, Toshio Miyata, Toshio Yamada, Hitoshi Yamada, Hitoshi 199en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Study on buffetin response spectrum method for long span bridges Chen, W. Chen, W. Gu, M. Gu, M. Xiang, H.F. Xiang, H.F. 205en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Gust response of a long span bridge by the time domain approach Santo, Jovito C. Santo, Jovito C. Miyata, Toshio Miyata, Toshio Yamada, Hitoshi 211en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Damping in suspension bridges: sources, measurements and errors Brownjohn, J.M.W. Brownjohn, J.M.W. 217en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 A practical method of passive TMD for suppressing wind induced vertical buffeting of long-span bridges Gu, M. Gu, M. Xiang, H.F. Xiang, H.F. Chen, A.R. Chen, A.R. 223en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 State-space method of wind-induced response analysis for suspension bridge Sun, Bingnan Sun, Bingnan Zhou, Qiang Zhou, Qiang Tang, Jinchun Tang, Jinchun 229en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Vortex-excited vibration control of bridges using TMD Chen, A.R. Chen, A.R. Xiang, H.F. Xiang, H.F. Gu, M. Gu, M. 235en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Estimating design wind speeds from short-term records Cheng, Edmond D.H. Cheng, Edmond D.H. Chiu, Arthur N.L. Chiu, Arthur N.L. 519en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Numerical simulation of flow around bridge deck by the penalty - hybrid/mixed FEM Zhu, B. Zhu, B. Chen, D.P. Chen, D.P. 241en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 A study of wing-resistant stability of long-span cable-stayed steel bridge Hou, Wen-wei Hou, Wen-wei 247en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 A parametric study of dynamic wind loads on buildings Lee, B.E. Lee, B.E. Lui, S. Lui, S. Wang, Q. Wang, Q. Xie, C. Xie, C. 255en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 An assessment of dynamic wind loads on a series of CAARC-like slender buildings Liu, Shangpei Liu, Shangpei Wang, Qizhi Wang, Qizhi Lee, B.E. Lee, B.E. 261en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Equivalent wind spectrum for torsional response of symmetrical buildings Balendra, T. Balendra, T. Koh, C.G. Koh, C.G. Ramanathan, R. Ramanathan, R. 267en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Stochastic stability of wind excited structures Lin, Y.K. Lin, Y.K. Li, Q.C. Li, Q.C. 273en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Simulation method of simultaneous time-series of multi-local wind forces on tall buildings by using dynamic balance data Yoshie, K. Yoshie, K. Ohkuma, T. Ohkuma, T. Marukawa, H. Marukawa, H. Niwa, H. Niwa, H. Teramoto, T. Teramoto, T. Kitamura, H. Kitamura, H. 279en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Random response analysis of multi-story and tall buildings under pulsating wind Xiao, M.K. Xiao, M.K. Lai, M. Lai, M. Zhang, Ch. Zhang, Ch. 285en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Damping estimate from full-scale measurement of the dynamic response of a high-rise building under wind loads Jong Lou, J. Jong Lou, J. Lou, Kang-ning Lou, Kang- ning 291en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 A computer program for the evaluation of dynamic response of structures to wind turbulence Attou, M. Attou, M. 297en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Interannual variability of tropical cyclones making landfall over China Chan, Johnny C.L. Chan, Johnny C.L. Fong, Clarence C.K. Fong, Clarence C.K. 525en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Equivalent modal damping ratios of a composite tube -type tall building under dynamic wind loading Huang, B.C. Huang, B.C. Lam, K.M. Lam, K.M. Leung, A.Y.T. Leung, A.Y.T. Cheung, Y.K. Cheung, Y.K. 305en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Observations and responses of occupants in high- rise buildings during severe typhoon Choi, Edmund C.C. Choi, Edmund C.C. 311en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 The investigation of wind-induced dynamic response on a square - section tall building Zhang, Liangliang Zhang, Liangliang Xie, Changtian Xie, Changtian 317en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Effect of angle of attack on vortex induced vibration and galloping of tall buildings in smooth and turbulent boundary layer flows Kawai, H. Kawai, H. 323en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Response of multistorey buildings subjected to wind loading Qamaruddin, M. Qamarunddin, M. Mauroof, A.L.M. Mauroof, A.L.M. Al-Hatimi, H.K.R. Al-Hatimi, H.K.R. 329en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Reliability of tall buildings and high-rise structures based on comfortable requirement of residents Li, Guiqing Li, Guiqing Cao, Hong Cao, Hong Li, Qiusheng Li, Qiusheng Ou, Siyuan Ou, Siyuan 335en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 An estimation procedure for wind induced torsion of tall buildings Beneke, D.L. Beneke, D.L. Kwok, K.C.S. Kwok, K.C.S. 341en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Dynamic behaviour of high-rise structures Cao, Hong Cao, Hong Li, Quisheng Li, Quisheng Ou, Siyuan Ou, Siyuan Li, Guiqing Li, Guiqing 347en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 The wind tunnel model testing of tall buildings of Haijiang Garden at the Chinese town in Shenzhen Cai, G.H. Cai, G.H. 353en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Study on the exponential model of the fluctuating wind load Zhou, Bicheng Zhou, Bicheng Tao, Qibin Tao, Qibin 359en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 The study of classification of typhoon landing on China Zhu, Ruizhao Zhu, Ruizhao Ji, Juzhi Ji, Juzhi Ma, Shuhong Ma, Shuhong 531en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Dynamic characteristics and wind induced response of a steel frame tower Glanville, M.J. Glanville, M.J. Kwok, K.C.S. Kwok, K.C.S. 367en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Full-scale measurements of Vortex-induced vibrations Ruscheweyh, Hans Ruscheweyh, Hans Galemann, Thomas Galemann, Thomas 373en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Analysis determination of equivalent modal damping ratios of a composite tower in wind-induced vibrations Huang, B.C. Huang, B.C. Leung, A.Y.T. Leung, A.Y.T. Lam, K.M. Lam, K.M. Cheung, Y.K. Cheung, Y.K. 379en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Effects of soil-structure interaction and cracking on gust factor of R.C. chimneys Lakshaman, N. Lakshaman, N. Balakrishna Rao, S.V.S Balakrishna Rao, S.V.S. Venkateswarlu, B. Venkateswarlu, B. 385en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Dynamic reliability of Wuhan T.V. Tower under the action of wind load Li, Qiusheng Li, Qiusheng Cao, Hong Cao, Hong Li, Guiqing Li, Guiqing 391en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 An analysis of galloping oscillation for the mast of the TV transmission tower Liang, Shuguo Liang, Shuguo Le, Junwang Le, Junwang Qu, Weilian Qu, Weilian 397en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 An investigation of aerodynamic loading for huge luminous lighthouse Ren, Y.H. Ren, Y.H. 403en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Was the Harris and Deaves velocity profile a step in the wrong directory? Paterson, D.A. Paterson, D.A. 411en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Wind tunnel study of the wind flow over Auckland City and comparison with full-scale data Flay, R.G.J. Flay, R.G.J. Andrews, R.J. Andrews, R.J. 417en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Full-scale measurements of windspeeds at a suburban area Miyashita, Koichi Miyashita, Koichi Tamura, Yukio Tamura, Yukio Asami, Yutake Asami, Yutake Naito, Syunichi Naito, Syunichi 423en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Invited papersen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 An aeolian geographical informative system for structural engineering: some results Bartoli, Gianni Bartoli, Gianni Gusella, Vittorio Gusella, Vittorio Spinelli, Paolo Spinelli, Paolo 429en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 SODAR-A useful remote sounder to measure wind and turbulence Vogt, S. Vogt, S. Thomas, P. Thomas, P. 435en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Research on the characters of land-sea breeze and environmental planning Lin, Kongguang Lin, Kongguang 441en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 A study on the characteristics of steady mountain wind Li, Y.M. Li, Y.M. Lai, M. Lai, M. Wang, X.L. Wang, X.L. Wang, J.H. Wang, J.H. 447en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Characteristics of wind direction meander at the site of Guangdong Nuclear power station Zhou, Ruming Zhou, Ruming Yang, Zhongqin Yang, Zhongqin Yu, Wenzhuo Yu, Wenzhuo 453en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 A study on characteristics and simulation method of pulsating wind Li, Y.M. Li, Y.M. Lai, M. Lai, M. Zhao, Q. Zhao, Q. 459en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Theoretical study on cold-air damming of the Qinling Mountains Qi, Ying Qi, Ying Zhou, Jiangnan Zhou, Jiangnan 465en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Theoretical study on atmospheric boundary layer and the interaction with free atmosphere over local heating Qi, Ying Qi, Ying Zhou, Jiangnan Zhou, Jiangnan 471en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Probability - based wind speed in India Alam, M.J. Alam, M.J. Santhakumar, A.R. Santhakumar, A.R. 537en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Stochastic modelling of cyclones Balaji Rao, K. Balaji Rao, K. Thomas, K.C. Thomas, K.C. Appa Rao, T.V.S.R. Appa Rao, T.V.S.R. 543en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Research on the wind feature of landing typhoon on the surface Zheng, Zhihua Zheng, Zhihua Ma, Wendou Ma, Wendou 549en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Mechanism of interference galloping of two identical cylinders in cross flow Dielen, B. Dielen, B. Ruscheweyh, H. Ruscheweyh, H. 557en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Numerical study of pressure fluctuations on rectangular cylinder in aerodynamic oscillation Tamura, T. Tamura, T. Itoh, Y. Itoh, Y. Wada, A. Wada, A. Kuwahara, K. Kuwahara, K. 563en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Numerical study of flow interaction behind two circular cylinders of equal diameters Ng, C.W. Ng, C.W. Ko, N.W.M. Ko, N.W.M. 569en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Effects of turbulence characteristics on vortex- induced oscillation of two-dimensional cylinders with various structural damplings Kawatani, M. Kawatani, M. Suzuki, O. Suzuki, O. Kim, H. Kim, H. Kobayashi, H. Kobayashi, H. 575en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Aerodynamic behavior of multiple elastic circular cylinders with vicinity arrangement Kubo, Y. Kubo, Y. Nakahara, T. Nakahara, T. Kato, K. Kato, K. 581en_HK
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dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Flow characteristics of two square cylinders of different size in side-by-side arrangementen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Bridgesen_HK
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dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 The vortex shedding of a group of three equispaced circular cylinders Xu, You-heng Xu, You-heng Cheng, Zhao Cheng, Zhao 611en_HK
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dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 An experimental investigation of the effects of free-stream turbulence on streamwise surface pressures in separated and reattaching flows Li, Q.S. Li, Q.S. Melbourne, W.H. Melbourne, W.H. 631en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Turbulence scale effects on buffeting forces of a flat hexagonal section Kimura, K. Kimura, K. Fujino, Y. Fujino, Y. 637en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 An experimental study of flow structure around a rankine body Lee, S.J. Lee, S.J. Kwon, K.J. Kwon, K.J. 643en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Study on aerostatic characteristics and aeroelastic instability of structural L-shaped, T-shaped and cross- shaped sections Okajima, Atsushi Okajiman, Atsuchi Ueno, Hisanori Ueno, Hisanor Yi, Donglai Yi, Donglai 649en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Bridge analysisen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Effects of the incident flow on the motion downstream a backstep Aroussi, A. Aroussi, A. 655en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Control of bluff body flow separation Shah, D.A. Shah, D.A. Winoto, S.H. Winoto, S.H. Ou, W.C. Ou, W.C. 661en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Effects of aspect ratio and surface roughness on the time-averaged aerodynamic forces on cantilevered circular cylinders at high Reynolds numbers Uematsu, Y. Uematsu, Y. Yamada, M. Yamada, M. 667en_HK
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dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Analysis of wind-induced roof pressure data acquired in the field Mehta, K.C. Mehta, K.C. Yeatts, B.B. Yeatts, B.B. Smith, D.A. Smith, D.A. 693en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Aerodynamic instability and damping of a suspension roof Cermak, J.E. Cermak, J.E. Woo, H.G.C. Woo, H.G.C. Lai, M.L. Lai, M.L. Chan, J. Chan, J. Danielson, S.L. Danielson, S.L. 699en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wind tunnel testing of houses with large overhangs in the west indies Tam, Paul W.M. Tam, Paul W.M. Handa, Virender K. Handa, Virender K. 705en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Proper orthogonal decomposition and reconstruction of multi-channel roof pressure Bienkiewicz, B. Bienkiewicz, B. Tamura, Y. Tamura, Y. Ham, H.J. Ham, H.J. Ueda, H. Ueda, H. Hibi, K. Hibi, K. 711en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Tall buildingsen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Pressure factors for edge regions on low rise building roofs Ginger, J.D. Ginger, J.D. Letchford, C.W. Letchford, C.W. 717en_HK
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dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Effect of aspect ratio on roof wind loads of low- rise rectangular buildings Sankaran, R. Sankaran, R. 729en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wind loads on a horizontal grandstand roof of large aspect ratio Lam, K.M. Lam, K.M. To, A.P. To, A.P. 735en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Analysis of a tension membrane hypar roof subjected to fluctuating wind loads Pun, P.K.F. Pun, P.K.F. Letchford, C.W. Letchford, C.W. 741en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Parametric study of wind pressure distribution on slooping roofs Gupta, Rajeev Gupta, Rajeev Ahuja, A.K. Ahuja, A.K. 747en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 The mean pressure on shell structure roof Chen, Qinhao Chen, Qinhao 753en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 The effect of directional variations on the observed mean and rms pressure coefficients Richards, P.J. Richards, P.J. Hoxey, R.P. Hoxey, R.P. Wanigaratne, B.S. Wanigaratne, B.S. 759en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wind tunnel study of water tanks Parthiban, J. Parthiban, J. Santhakumar, A.R. Santhakumar, A.R. Padmanaban, K. Pandmanaban, K. 765en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 The new European wind load code Ruscheweyh, H. Ruscheweyh, H. 773en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Towers and chimneysen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Recommended improvements in the south Florida building code Saffir, Herbert S. Saffir, Herbert S. 781en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 An experimental investigation and code validation of the wind behaviour for a square-edged tapered building Lu, Z.J. Lu, Z.J. Sheu, M.H. Sheu, M.H. Chou, J.H. Chou, J.H. Ding, C.H. Ding, C.H. Zen, S.K. Zen, S.K. Miau, J.J. Miau, J.J. 787en_HK
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dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wind loading and serviceability of tall buildings in tropical cyclone regions Irwin, P.A. Irwin, P.A. Xie, J. Xie, J. 799en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wind damage expert system for insurance industry Mehta, Kishor C. Mehta, Kishor C. Cheshire, Ronald H. Cheshire, Ronald H. 805en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Damage assesssment and vulnerability analysis of structures subjected to cyclones Murlidharan, T.L. Murlidharan, T.L. Durga Parsad, J. Durga Parsad, J. Appa Rao, T.V.S.R. Appa Rao, T.V.S.R. 811en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Cyclone resistant low cost houses in coastal regions in developing countries Mathur, G.C. Mathur, G.C. 817en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Modelling of tunnel mass dampers for wind tunnel tests on a full-bridge aeroelastic model Larose, G.L. Larose, G.L. Larsen, A. Larsen, A. Svensson, E. Sversson, E. 823en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Vibration control of wind-excited tall buildings with passive dampers Samali, B. Samali, B. Kwok, K.C.S. Kwok, K.C.S. 829en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Effect of liquid dampers on along-wind response of structures Sun, Keming Sun, Keming Cheong, H.F. Cheong, H.F. Balendra, T. Balendra, T. 835en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Wind characteristicsen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Design aspects of tuned mass dampers for the great belt east bridge approach spans Larsen, A. Larsen, A. Svensson, E. Svensson, e. Anderson, H. Anderson, H. 841en_HK
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dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 On control of along-wind and across-wind vibrations of structure by crossed dampers Zhang, X.T. Zhang, X.T. Zhang, R.C. Zhang, R.C. 859en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Control for turbulence wind vibration responses of Nanjing TV tower by semi-active TMD Qu, W.L. Qu, W.L. Cheng, W.R. Cheng, W.R. 865en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wind-tunnel modelling of the atmospheric surface layer Cermak, Jack E. Cermak, Jack E. Cochran, Leighton S. Cochran, Leighton S. Leffler, Russ D. Leffler, Russ D. 873en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 A large Australian dynamic weather testing facility (DWTF) Paterson, David Paterson, David Farrance, Geoff Farrance, Geoff 879en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Computer-controlled wind tunnel for wind- engineering applications Nishi, A. Nishi, A. Miyagi, H. Miyagi, H. 885en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 On the design of wind tunnel inlet Fang, Furman F.M. Fang, Furman F.M. Gan, Kenny W.M. Gan, Kenny W.M. 891en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Design of a low-cost stratified boundary layer wind tunnel Schatzmann, M. Schatzmann, M. Donat, J. Donat, J. Hendel, S. Hendel, S. 897en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Extreme winden_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Basic study on blockage effects in turbulent boundary layer flows Noda, M. Noda, M. Utsunomiya, H. Utsunomiya, H. Nagao, F. Nagao, F. 905en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Optimization of pressure measurement system for wind tunnel experiments Bienkiewicz, B. Bienkiewicz, B. Sun, Y. Sun, Y. 911en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Geometric similitude applied to model and full- scale pressure tap sizes Cochran, Leighton S. Cochran, Leighton S. Levitan, Marc L. Levitan, Marc L. Cermak, Jack E. Cermak, Jack E. Yeatts, Byron B. Yeatts, Byron B. 917en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Design and calibration of high frequency base balances used for dynamic wind load on building models Chen, Feng Chen, Feng Hu, Guofeng Hu, Guofeng Lee, B.E. Lee, B.E. 923en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 A simple five-component base balance for measurement of mean wind loads on building models Kwan, A.K.H. Kwan, A.K.H. Lam, K.M. Lam, K.M. 929en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 A numerical investigation of a proposed force balance technique to improve the wind response predictions of tall buildings with coupled 3-D mode shapes Yip, D.Y.N. Yip, D.Y.N. Flay, R.G.J. Flay, R.G.J. 935en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 The constant temperature hot-wire(film) anemomenter system with main bridge prephase - shift circuit Sheng, Senzhi Sheng, Senzhi Zhuang, Yongji Zhuang, Yonji 941en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Wind tunnel modeling test on mechanism of weakening typhoon's damage to rubber forest by tea-rubber community Lou, L.S. Lou, L.S. Zhao, K. Zhao, K. 947en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Physical modelling of natural wind and its guide in a large open pit mine Peng, Xi Peng, Xi Lu, Guorong Lu, Guorong 953en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Pedestrian comfort including wind and thermal effects Soligo, Michael J. Soligo, Michael J. Irwin, Peter A. Irwin, Peter A. Williams, Colin J. Williams, Colin J. 961en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.1 Bluff bodies - cylindersen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsv.2 Infrared-thermography technique for pedestrian wind evaluation Wu, Hanqing Wu, Hanqing Stathopoulos, Theodore Stathopoulos, Theodore 967en_HK
dc.format.extent2 v. : ill. 23 cm.en_HK
dc.publisherDept. of Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Hong Kongen_HK
dc.rightsThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.-
dc.subject.ddc624.175 A83 P03en_HK
dc.subject.lcshConferences held in Hong Kong -- Wind-pressure.en_HK
dc.subject.lcshWind-pressure -- Congresses.en_HK
dc.titleProceedings of the third Asia-Pacific Symposium on Wind Engineering: December 13-15, 1993, Hong Kongen_HK

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