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Book: Proceedings of the ASAIHL Seminar on the Role of the ASAIHL in Combating Health Hazards of Environmental Pollution: June 17-20, 1992, University of Hong Kong

TitleProceedings of the ASAIHL Seminar on the Role of the ASAIHL in Combating Health Hazards of Environmental Pollution: June 17-20, 1992, University of Hong Kong
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Issue Date1992
PublisherUniversity of Hong Kong
DescriptionIncludes bibliographical references.
Sponsored by the ASAIHL
SubjectConferences held in Hong Kong -- Pollution.
Environmental health -- Congresses.
Pollution -- Environmental aspects -- Southeast Asia
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dc.contributor.authorHedley, AJen_HK
dc.contributor.authorHodgkiss, IJ-
dc.contributor.authorKO, NWM-
dc.contributor.authorMottershead, TL-
dc.contributor.authorPeters, J-
dc.contributor.authorYim, WWS-
dc.contributor.otherAssociation of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning.en_HK
dc.contributor.otherUniversity of Hong Kong.en_HK
dc.descriptionIncludes bibliographical references.en_HK
dc.descriptionSponsored by the ASAIHLen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsKeynote address Wang, Gungwu Wang, Gungwu 2en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsCountry reportsen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsA Health hazards of environmental pollutionen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsB Monitoring and instrumentation of environmental pollutionen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsC Legal controls of environmental pollutionen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsD Treatment and prevention of environmental pollutionen_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsAustralian approaches to finger printing sources of environmental lead with isotopes Gulson, B.L. Gulson, B.L. 13en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe contribution of health care departments in tertiary institutions in Hong Kong to combating the hazards of pollution King, A.R. King, A.R. 19en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe role of institutions of higher learning in combating health hazards of environmental pollution Rampal, K.G. Rampal, K.G. Ismail, N. Ismail, N. 26en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsEducation programmes for training of agrichemical users in New Zealand Penman, D.R. Penman, D.R. 31en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe role of Philippine ASAIHL institutions in combating the hazards of environmental pollution in Manila Quirino, T.U. Quirino, T.U. 35en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsCharacteristics of acid rain in mainland China Hong, Y.T. Hong, Y.T. 42en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsImproving the total environmental of Singapore Tan, T.C. Tan, T.C. 46en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe role of Thai universities in combating health hazards of environmental pollution Wangsuphachart, V.L. Wangsuphachart, V.L. 54en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsIntroductino 63en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsImpact of industry on the health of surrounding communities: an analysis of epidemiological and public health challenges Bhopal, R.S. Bhopal, R.S. 65en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsEpidemiology and environmental health: reliable risk measurement in well-populations Lam, T.H. Lam, T.H. Hedley, A.J. Hedley, A.J. Peters, J. Peters, J. 74en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsAn investigation into the presence of anaerobic bacteria in coastal waters of Hong Kong Boost, M.V. Boost, M.V. Wong, L.P. Wong, L.P. Wong, P.S. Wong, P.S. Ma, K.C. Ma, K.C. 82en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsPollutions within the built environment Burnett, J. Burnett, J. Chan, D.W.T. Chan, D.W.T. 87en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe effects of pesticides use on the health of on farmers in East Java, Indonesia Mukono, J. Mukono, J. 94en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsNoise and human activities in Hong Kong: a review Tan, T.C. Tan, T.C. Wong, L.T.L. Wong, L.T.L. 98en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsAnalysis of organophosphorus insecticides in vegetables Tanner, P.A. Tanner, P.A. Leung, K.H. Leung, K.H. 105en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsHealth risk and environmental pollution: the hidden factors Peters, J. Peters, J. Lui, J. Lui, J. Wong, C.M. Wong, C.M. Hedley, A.J. Hedley, A.J. Lam, T.H. Lam, T.H. Ong, S.G. Ong, S.G. Tam, A.Y.C. Tam, A.Y.C. 109en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsRisk assessment and management in the prevention of adverse effects on human health and the environment Spickett, J.T. Spickett, J.T. 117en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsIndoor and outdoor pollution in shops and offices in Hong Kong and health effects Bacon-Shone, J. Bacon-Shone, J. Liao, S. Liao, S. 122en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsClimatological assessment of potential heat stress in Hong Kong Kyle, W.J. Kyle, W.J. 126en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsAsbestos dust: a silent enemy Lam, K.Y. Lam, K.Y. 131en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsIntegrating environmental health problems into urban planning: problems in the Asian-Pacific region and the challenges for universities Simpson, R.W. Simpson, R.W. 134en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsOrganic solvent exposure in some manufacturing industries in Malaysia Tan, G.L.E. Tan, G.L.E. 138en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsIntroduction 145en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsMonitoring and instrumentation of environmental pollution Tebbutt, T.H.Y. Tebbutt, T.H.Y. 145en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe air quality monitoring programme of the Hong Kong environmental protection department Leung, R.T.M. Leung, R.T.M. 152en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsLow technology sampling can show spatial and temporal patterns of airborne metal pollution Lloyd, O.L. Lloyd, O.L. Fay, Gailey Fay, Gailey 159en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsHeavy metal contamination in coastal waters - a case study of the north coast of Central Java, Indonesia Supriharyono Supriharyono 165en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsDetermination of phosphorus in natural water at parts per trillion level by laser thermal lens effect Wu, L. Wu, L. Siu, G.G. Siu, G.G. Chiu, D.D.S. Chiu, D.D.S. Stokes, M.J. Stokes, M.J. 171en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsA geographical approach to evaluating the human impact upon water quality Peart, M.R. Peart, M.R. 178en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsModular auto-enrichment subsystem for use in environmental high pressure liquid chromatography analysis Chen, S.C. Chen, S.C. Chang, J.Y. Chang, J.Y. Wang, R.K. Wang, R.K. 183en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsExposure to environmental pollutants in the work environment: a case study of a traffic toll booth in Malaysia Yaziz, M.I. Yaziz, M.I. 187en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsA proposed air quality index in Hong Kong Ng, C.N. Ng, C.N. Tanner, P.A. Tanner, P.A. 191en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsBackground level of trace elements in soils of mainland China Chen, J.S. Chen, J.S. Tao, S. Tao, S. Deng, B.S. Deng, B.S. Wang, X.J. Wang, X.J. 196en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsIndoor monitoring of nitrogen oxides Cheung, M.T. Cheung, M.T. 200en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsDevelopment of a piezoelectric crystal sorption detector for continuous monitoring of organic vapours at the workplace Fung, Y.S. Fung, Y.S. 205en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsEffects of some standard fixatives on fish gill morphology Shepherd, M. Shepherd, M. Ivanstoff, W. Ivanstoff, W. 210en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsSimulation of urban traffic noise on the environment Pamanikabud, P. Pamanikabud, P. 215en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsInvestigation into the haze episodes in the Kelang Valley, Malaysia Samah, A.A. Samah, A.A. 221en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsPhotoacoustic determination of organic pollutant gases in Hong Kong air Shi, B. Shi, B. Siu, G.G. Siu, G.G. Chiu, D.D.S. Chiu, D.D.S. 228en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsApplication of the proton induced X-ray emission (PIXE) technique for the study of respirable suspended particulated (RSP) in Hong Kong Cai, Z.X. Cai, Z.X. Sze, P.Y.K. Sze, P.Y.K. Stokes, M.J. Stokes, M.J. Young, E.C.M. Young, E.C.M. 234en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsFollow-up stream sediment geochemical reconnaissance surveys in the vicinity of Tai Mo Shan, New Territories, Hong Kong Yim, W.W.S. Yim, W.W.S. Ng, C.Y. Ng, C.Y. Thornton, I. Thornton, I. 240en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsIntroduction 249en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsEnvironmental pollution, higher education, and the rule of law Axline, M. Axline, M. 251en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsLegal controls of environmental pollution in Asia: how effective are they? Allen, J. Allen, J. 256en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsHong Kong's water pollution controls: are we serious? Baillie, B.G. Baillie, B.G. 265en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsEnvironmental law in Hong Kong - a legal practitioner's point of view Skrine, R. Skrine, R. 277en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsHas the use of unleaded petrol provided a lead-free environment in Hong Kong? Au, C.T. Au, C.T. Chou, K.M. Chou, K.M. Wong, K.Y. Wong, K.Y. 282en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe influence of the health act on present environmental problems Prabawa Utama, S.H. Prabawa Utama, S.H. 288en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsEnvironmental impact assessment and the role of legislation in environmental control - the case of Malaysia Idris, A.B. Idris, A.B. Fuad, A. Fuad, A. 294en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsSocial responsbility awareness assessment of selected university respondents in combating environmental pollution Barcelona, A.C. Barcelona, A.C. 301en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsAlternatives to legal controls on environmental pollution Kaine, G. Kaine, G. Reeve, I. Reeve, I. Musgrave, W. Musgrave, W. 306en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsIntroduction 315en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsTowards low-waste technology Diaper, J. Diaper, J. 317en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsChanging environmental values and institution building: the role of ASAIHL Hills, P. Hills, P. 325en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsPrevention and treatment of environmental pollution Mena, M.M. Mena, M.M. 332en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe nature and control of motor vehicle emissions - methanol as an alternative fuel Cheung, C.S. Cheung, C.S. Lui, Y.B. Lui, Y.B. Leung, T.P. Leung, T.P. 335en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsTreatment and disposal of heavy metal wastes using cementitious solidification Peralta, G.L. Peralta, G.L. Ballesteros, F.C. Ballesteros, F.C. Cepeda, M.L. Cepeda, M.L. 340en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsA membrane anaerobic system for wastewater treatment Fakrul-Razi, A. Fakrul-Razi, A. 346en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsPrevention and treatment of air pollution in Hong Kong Lam, J.C. Lam, J.C. 351en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsEnvironmental education - a strategy for the treatment and prevention of environmental pollution Manalo, J.A. Manalo, J.A. Sergovia, V. Sergovia, V. Hocson, T.R. Hocson, T.R. 357en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsBacterial reduction during sewage treatment - the Hong Kong experience Hodgkiss, I.J. Hodgkiss, I.J. Chiu, S.H.C. Chiu, S.H.C. 360en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsTreatment and prevention of environmental pollution in the Philippines De Jesus, E.M. De Jesus, E.M. 366en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsMicrobiological study of shellfish and water quality in Deep Bay, Hong Kong Kueh, C.S.W. Kueh, C.S.W. 369en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsEnvironmental deterioration in greater Bangkok, Thailand Paraken, Y. Paraken, Y. 376en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe 'polluter pays' principle: the distribution of economic impacts Rahim, K.A. Rahim, K.A. 378en_HK
dc.format.extent381 p. : ill. 30 cm.en_HK
dc.publisherUniversity of Hong Kongen_HK
dc.rightsThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.-
dc.subject.ddc363.737 A84 R92en_HK
dc.subject.lcshConferences held in Hong Kong -- Pollution.en_HK
dc.subject.lcshEnvironmental health -- Congresses.en_HK
dc.subject.lcshPollution -- Environmental aspects -- Southeast Asiaen_HK
dc.titleProceedings of the ASAIHL Seminar on the Role of the ASAIHL in Combating Health Hazards of Environmental Pollution: June 17-20, 1992, University of Hong Kongen_HK

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