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Issue Date1989
PublisherCentre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning, University of Hong Kong
DescriptionConference held on Aug. 22-25, 1989, Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
Sponsored by Hong Kong Institute of Planners and others.
SubjectCity planning -- Computer programs
Conferences held in Hong Kong -- Town planning.
Town planning -- Computer programs.
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DC FieldValueLanguage
dc.contributor.authorYeh, Gar-on, Anthonyen_HK
dc.contributor.otherHong Kong Institute of Planners.en_HK
dc.contributor.otherUniversity of Hong Kong. Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning.en_HK
dc.descriptionConference held on Aug. 22-25, 1989, Centre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.en_HK
dc.descriptionSponsored by Hong Kong Institute of Planners and others.en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsAuthor index viien_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsPreface Yeh, Anthony G.O. Yeh, Anthony G.O. xien_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsList of contributors 531en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsComputer aided landslip potential mapping and its application to land use planning and development control Siddle, H.J. Siddle, H.J. Turner, M.D. Turner, M.D. Bentley, S.P. Bentley, S.P. 1en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsBoolean maps and the rationalization of opportunities and constraints in physical planning Brimicomble, Allan J. Brimicombe, Allan J. 13en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsGEOTECS - a simple computer mapping system for planning and resource inventory in Hong Kong Styles, K.A. Styles, K.A. Hansen, A. Hansen, A. 23en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsComputer aided landuse transport environment analysis system Seetharam, K.E. Seetharam, K.E. Shibasaki, R. Shibasaki, R. Ishibashi, H. Ishibashi, H. 37en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsLand-use and transport modelling in the Perth Metropolitan region: an integrated approach Neal, Bill Neal, Bill 49en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsDevelopments in computer-aided teaching of land-use and transport planning techniques Black, J.A. Black, J.A. Ton, Tu T. Ton, Tu T. 51en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsA computerized passenger information system for Melbourne's railway network Tong, C.O. Tong, C.O. 65en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsComputer-based parking system for local authorities in Malaysia Wahab, Ibrahim Bin Wahab, Ibrahim Bin 77en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsComputerized school bussing (CSB) system in Israel Mandel, Shmuel Mandel, Shmuel Finemesser, Ahura Finemesser, Ahura 89en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe application of GIS for urban land use planning and monitoring: a case study of low income housing development in Kuala Lumpur Yaakup, Ahirs B. Yaakup, Ahris B. Healey, Richard G. Healey, Richard G. Hughes, George C. Hughes, George C. 91en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsHypermedia-assisted creativity in identifying ways to shelter the homeless Dickey, John W. Dickey, John W. 93en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsComputers, telecommunications and planning Newton, P.W. Newton, P.W. 105en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsIntegrating urban information systems and spatial models Brail, Richard K. Brail, Richard K. 107en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe study of microcomputer-based urban planning and management information system Cheng, Bingzhao Cheng, Bingzhao Song, Xiaodong Song, Xiaodong Lin, Changqin Lin, Changqin 119en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsUrban planning processes and strategic information systems Worrall, L. Worrall, L. 123en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsComputerized development feasibility models in urban policy development and density rights transfer negotiations Code, William R. Code, William R. 135en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsComputers and statutory planning Falkiner, Timothy S. Falkiner, Timothy S. 143en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsPlanning appeals in the planning information base Lamb, Robert E. Lamb, Robert E. 145en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsA methodology for efficiently structuring a set of activities Yim, Fun-kan, Claudia Yim, Fun-kan, Claudia Dickey, John W. Dickey, John W. 159en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsUsing microcomputer-based imaging to evaluate urban design proposals Sherrill, Sam Sherrill, Sam 169en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsLand information system in the programming and monitoring of new town development Yeh, Anthony Yeh, Anthony 171en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsGPM: geographical project monitoring Yapa, Lakshman S. Yapa, Lakshman S. Dilley, Maxx Dilley, Maxx 185en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsA GKS-based microcomputer graphics package for urban and regional analysis and planning Wegener, Michael Wegener, Michael Spiekermann, Klaus Spiekermann, Klaus 205en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsDesigning advanced spreadsheet templates for novice microcomputer users Bossard, Earl G. Bossard, Earl G. 207en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsUsing a microcomputer to explore relationships in information: utilising graphical and spreadsheet techniques Banister, Chris Banister, Chris 219en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsApplications of micro computer based spatial analysis for urban and regional planning Simmons, Michael Simmons, Michael 231en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsMonitoring land use in the metropolitan region with remote sensing data Martin, Larry R.G. Martin, Larry R.G. Howarth, Philip J. Howarth, Philip J. Gong, Peng Gong, Peng Holder, Glenn H. Holder, Glenn H. 233en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsIntegrating remote sensing and geographic information system knowledge in an expert system for change detection Newkirk, Ross T. Newkirk, Ross T. Wang, Fangju Wang, Fangju 245en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsHow to use decomposing method of mixed pixel to renew the city's green area data bank using landsat-CCT data? Xu, Xiru Xu, Xiru Chen, Kai Chen, Kai 255en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsDesigning a digital urban topographic database for applications in urban planning and management Yeung, Albert K.W. Yeung, Albert K.W. 263en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsBrisbane city council digital mapping system: a major tool for urban planning and management in Brisbane Butler, John L.T. Butler, John L.T. 275en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe application of land information systems in planning in Western Australia Rogers, Mark B. Rogers, Mark B. 287en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsPlanning agency experiences with automated mapping and geographic information systems French, Steven P. French, Steven P. Heffernon, Kelly M. Heffernon, Kelly M. Wiggins, Lyna L. Wiggins, Lyna L. 289en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsBuilding of micro-GIS tool and its application Wang, Zheng Wang, Zheng Ren, Fuhu Ren, Fuhu Cheng, Ji-cheng Cheng, Ji-cheng 299en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsValue added of a geographical information system De Man, Eric W.H. De Man, Eric W.H. 315en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsApplication of geographic information systems in an urban environment Lee, Yuk-cheung Lee, Yuk-cheung 321en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe application of the geotechnical data management system 'STRATA3' to urban planning Bentley, Stephen P. Bentley, Stephen P. Greenshaw, Lutaf Mark Greenshaw, Lutaf Mark Rice, Stephen M.M. Rice, Stephen M.M. 323en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe development of urban and regional information system in medium sized cities of China Cao, Guifa Cao, Guifa Hsu, Mei-ling Hsu, Mei-ling 333en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsA knowledge-based computer system for zoning Yan, Wanglin Yan, Wanglin Shimizu, Eihan Shimizu, Eihan 339en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsA decision support and expert system for retail planning Borgers, Aloys Borgers, Aloys Timmermans, Harry Timmermans, Harry 341en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsTraffic planning by a 'Desktop expert' Taylor, Michael A.P. Taylor, Michael A.P. 353en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsExpert systems for urban and building planning and management Sharpe, Ron Sharpe, Ron Marksjo, Bertil Marksjo, Bertil Chen, Qian Chen, Qian 369en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsAn expert system for forecasting roadside development Edamura, Toshiro Edamura, Toshiro Kawai, Takashi Kawai, Takashi 379en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsIntegration of programming models and expert systems: an application to facility management and planning Han, Sang -yun Han, Sang-yun Kim, T. John Kim, T. John Adiguzel, Ilker Adiguzel, Ilker 391en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsA planner - modified expert system for strategic planning Wyatt, Ray Wyatt, Ray 419en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsText animation or knowledge engineering?: two approaches to the design of urban planning expert systems Webster, Chris J. Webster, Chris J. Wislocki, Y. Wislocki, Y. Ho, C.S. Ho, C.S. 421en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsApplying an integrated expert system to urban management and planning Bouille, Francois Bouille, Francois 423en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsSLIP: a microcomputer tool for accessibility- centrality analysis and planning in developing countries Kammeier, H. Detlef Kammeier, H. Detlef 425en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsUse of computers in urban planning and management in Bangladesh Hossain, Hemayet Hossain, Hemayet 427en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsConditions for the effective utilisation of computers in urban planning in developing countries Masser, Ian Masser, Ian Campbell, Heather Campbell, Heather 439en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsWhat is the next step? - training in information systems design Lindsay, John Lindsay, John 457en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsComputer graphics primer: the introduction of computer techniques in teaching planning graphics Melotte, Barrie Melotte, Barrie 467en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsA system dynamics model of urban land use TUDY: a computer aided education programme for urban planning at University of Tsukuba Kaji, Hideki Kaji, Hideki 469en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsEmerging perspective on computer-aided planning Klosterman, Richard Klosterman, Richard 489en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsWindows on order and chaos: the role of microcomputers in planning and management Cartwright, T.J. Cartwright, T.J. 491en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe organizational and management implications of computer use in U.K. local authority planning departments Bardon, Keith S. Bardon, Keith S. 511en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsEvaluating the impact of computers on urban planning activities Farthing, Stuart Farthing, Stuart 519en_HK
dc.description.tableofcontentsImplementation of geographic information system technology (GIS) for use in urban planning and management Chambers, Donald D. Chambers, Donald D. 529en_HK
dc.format.extentxii, 538 p. : ill., charts, maps 26 cm. +en_HK
dc.publisherCentre of Urban Studies and Urban Planning, University of Hong Kongen_HK
dc.rightsThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.-
dc.subject.ddc711.40285 I61en_HK
dc.subject.lcshCity planning -- Computer programsen_HK
dc.subject.lcshConferences held in Hong Kong -- Town planning.en_HK
dc.subject.lcshTown planning -- Computer programs.en_HK

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