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Active Recreation Pursuits of Hong Kong Primary School Children - Is Transport a Determinant.
Proceedings of the Youth Sport in The 21st Century Conference, East Lansing, USA, May 1999
McManus, AM; Chui, HC1999177
Activity habits of Hong Kong Children
Paper presented to the Federation of Medical Society Anniversary meeting, 23 October, 2000, Hong Kong
Macfarlane, DJ2000163
The aerobic fitness and physical activity of British school children
National Centre for Communication
McManus, AM1994157
Aerobic fitness and physical activity patterns among pre-pubescents
XVI11th International Conference of the European Group of Pediatric Work Physiology
Armstrong, N; Kirby, B; McManus, AM; Welsman, J1995206
The aerobic fitness of Hong Kong adolescents.
7th Physical Education and Sport Science Unit and Centre for Physical Education and Sport Conference. Health, Physical Activity and Children in Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong, March 1997.
McManus, AM1997186
The aerobic fitness of pre-pubescent British children
International Conference of the British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences
McManus, AM; Armstrong, N; Welsman, J1994203
Anaerobic Recovery - A Determinant of Physical Activity in Obese Children?
International Life Sciences Institute Symposium & Workshop on Forging Effective Strategies for Prevention & Management of Overweight & Obesity in Asia
McManus, AM; Sung, YT; Chong, YK; Yu, CW2002195
Aspects of habitual physical activity in Hong Kong primary school children
The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong)
Wong, Tung-kwong.; 黃東光.1997461
The assessment of aerobic fitness in children
Second International Round Table Conference on Sports Physiology
Armstrong, N; Welsman, J; McManus, AM1994157
The assessment of habitual physical activity in young children: comparison of procedures and data (Hong Kong v Otago)
Physical Education New Zealand annual conference, Dunedin, New Zealand, April
Macfarlane, DJ1998147
Attitudes to physical exercise among elderly people in Hong Kong (Abstract)
2nd International Symposium on Chinese Elderly, 23-25 October 2001, Shanghai, China
Cheng, YH; Chou, KL; Macfarlane, DJ; Chi, I; Vertinsky, P2001305
Boys, girls, fitness, fatness, physical activity and physical education
International Conference of the Physical Education Assocation for Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Armstrong, N; McManus, AM1995193
Children: fitness, fatness and physical activity
Symposium organised by the School of Physical Education, Sports Sciences and Recreation Studies, West Sussex Institute of Higher Education
Armstrong, N; Fox, K; McManus, AM; Peters, D; Welsman, J; Williams, C1994210
A comparison of the health benefits of accumulated and continuous physical activity programs for sedentary adults
Paper presented to the Sixth International Congress of Behavioural Medicine, Nov 15-18, Brisbane, Australia
Cuddihy, TF; Taylor, LH; Macfarlane, DJ2000190
Coronary prevention begins in childhood
National Centre for Communication
McManus, AM1994133
Development of a new system to measure inspired oral and nasal volumes during treadmill running
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. The Journal's web site is located at
Macfarlane, DJ; Liu, AWY2001154
Do we need to modify our primary PE curriculum: an analysis using the heart rate intensity and level of enjoyment in Hong Kong primary school physical education classes
Proceedings of Hong Kong Education Research Association Conference, November 16, 1996
Wong, TK; Macfarlane, DJ1996197
The effect of an external nasal dilator on the athletic performance of active Chinese male adolescents
Paper presented to the ICPE Conference, July 7-8, HK Institute of Education, Tai Po, Hong Kong
Fong, KK; Macfarlane, DJ2000165
Effects of 3-month intervention on daily exercise habits in Hong Kong high school students
The American College of Sports Medicine 47the Annual meeting, May 31-June 3, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Macfarlane, DJ; Ha, ASC; Johns, DP2000244
Effects of a modified Tai Chi programme on the physical and psychological well-being of elderly Chinese
2nd International Symposium on Chinese Elderly, Oct 21-23, Shanghai, China
Cheng, WK; Macfarlane, DJ2001151
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