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Active Recreation Pursuits of Hong Kong Primary School Children - Is Transport a Determinant.McManus, AM; Chui, HC1999102
Activity habits of Hong Kong ChildrenMacfarlane, DJ2000102
The aerobic fitness and physical activity of British school childrenMcManus, AM199491
Aerobic fitness and physical activity patterns among pre-pubescentsArmstrong, N; Kirby, B; McManus, AM; Welsman, J1995128
The aerobic fitness of Hong Kong adolescents.McManus, AM199796
The aerobic fitness of pre-pubescent British childrenMcManus, AM; Armstrong, N; Welsman, J1994125
Anaerobic Recovery - A Determinant of Physical Activity in Obese Children?McManus, AM; Sung, YT; Chong, YK; Yu, CW2002100
Aspects of habitual physical activity in Hong Kong primary school childrenWong, Tung-kwong.; 黃東光.1997327
The assessment of aerobic fitness in childrenArmstrong, N; Welsman, J; McManus, AM199488
The assessment of habitual physical activity in young children: comparison of procedures and data (Hong Kong v Otago)Macfarlane, DJ199888
Attitudes to physical exercise among elderly people in Hong KongCheng, YH; Chou, KL; Macfarlane, DJ; Chi, I2001213
Attitudes to physical exercise among elderly people in Hong Kong (Abstract)Cheng, YH; Chou, KL; Macfarlane, DJ; Chi, I; Vertinsky, P2001222
Boys, girls, fitness, fatness, physical activity and physical educationArmstrong, N; McManus, AM1995112
Children: fitness, fatness and physical activityArmstrong, N; Fox, K; McManus, AM; Peters, D; Welsman, J; Williams, C1994119
A comparison of the health benefits of accumulated and continuous physical activity programs for sedentary adultsCuddihy, TF; Taylor, LH; Macfarlane, DJ2000100
Coronary prevention begins in childhoodMcManus, AM199485
Development of a new system to measure inspired oral and nasal volumes during treadmill runningMacfarlane, DJ; Liu, AWY200186
Do we need to modify our primary PE curriculum: an analysis using the heart rate intensity and level of enjoyment in Hong Kong primary school physical education classesWong, TK; Macfarlane, DJ1996109
The effect of an external nasal dilator on the athletic performance of active Chinese male adolescentsFong, KK; Macfarlane, DJ200092
The effect of two different training programme on the peak VO2 of pre-pubescent girlsMcManus, AM; Williams, C; Armstrong, N1994112
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