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An Investigation on the Sequels of the Classical Chinese Fiction: Focusing on the Sequels of Water Margin (In Chinese)Cheng, PWM; Kung, M; Wong, KW; Luo, H; Chan, TH201352
澳門黑沙玉石作坊Tang, C; Cheng, PWM201378
饒宗頤先生的民間信仰研究Cheng, PWM; Kung, M201338
Folk Religion Studies Made by Jao Tsung-ICheng, PWM; Kung, M201335
Four Studies on Kuang Zhouyi (In Chinese)Cheng, PWM; Kung, M; Wong, KW; Luo, H; Chan, TH201356
澳門黑沙遺址的學術及社會意義Cheng, PWM201343
饒鍔先生的潮州方志學初探Cheng, PWM; Chan, YY201334
The Cult between Buddha and Tao: an anthropological study on the Chu-Tai-Sin belief in Hong Kong and MacauCheng, PWM; Chan, TH201370
中國潑彩山水畫史序Cheng, PWM201342
Commentary on the Study of Mahākāla in Tibetan BuddhismCheng, PWM; Kung, M; Wong, KW; Luo, H; Chan, TH201367
從若干新見史料論潮陽陳運闓、運彰昆仲與況周頣之詞學淵源Cheng, PWM201338
Brief Review of the Responsorial Ci Script between Wang Pengyun and Long Jidong (In Chinese)Cheng, PWM; Kung, M; Wong, KW; Luo, H; Chan, TH201353
有關路氹口述史的操作Cheng, PWM201233
氹仔、路環口述史: 村落卷Cheng, PWM201243
澳門文學史Cheng, PWM201274
敦煌莫高窟壁畫中的古琴圖像研究Cheng, PWM; Chan, TH201248
從清華簡《楚居》看中國上古外科醫學Cheng, PWM; Chan, YY201240
Historical Materials on Gugong Studies from The Literary Sketches by The Great Ci-poet Kuang Zhouyi of the Late Qing Dynasty: An example related to New Year Ceremony in the Imperial Court during Guangxu PeriodCheng, PWM201228
饒宗頤先生和他的藏書Cheng, PWM; Kung, M201233
香港之中国民间信仰研究综述Cheng, PWM; Kung, M; Lam, HHY2012139
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