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The role of aided discovery of restructuring in insight problem solving: Evidence from eye-movementsWong, JTH; Chau, AWL200412
The role of semantic and phonetic radicals in Chinese character recognition: An eye movement studyChau, AWL200111
Segregation by color and stereoscopic depth in three-dimensional visual spaceChau, AW; Yeh, Y-Y199510
Service Learning and Civic Education. Academic administration.Chan, CLW; Chau, AWL2009159
Social engagement in a diversifying campus: A phenomenological explorationMin, Y; Chau, A201217
Social identity of Hong Kong people: Anticipation of interaction and behavioral intention in political transitionLau, IYM; Chiu, CY; Chau, AWL200420
SOHO security with mini self-balancing robotsKo, A; Lau, HYK; Lau, TL2005142
Thumbnails as online product displays: How consumers process themShun, YL; Chau, AW-L; Tsunhin, JW200713
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