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A philosophical investigation of the possibility of liberal democracy under ConfucianismKwan, Yiu-kwong.; 關耀光.2009239
A study of the origins, emergence and development of Western banking in China, 1770s-1866Lam, Chun-cheung, Otto.; 林準祥.2007591
Action, authority and approach: treatiseson "Zen"/"Chan", radical interpretation, and the Linji LuCarroll, Michael Scott.2007235
Algorithmic music composition using XML: a constraint-based approachMok, Kei-hon.; 莫麒瀚.2008308
An examination of expressivist accounts of normative objectivity and motivationCarroll, Jing-yi, Catherine.; 賈靜儀.2008207
Art and the Taiping RebellionHo, Yi Hsing Joan; 何懿行200791
Brain development in Chinese: effects of age,IQ and reading experienceYang, Junping.; 楊俊平.2007258
Classical liberalism and political liberalism: a philosophical comparisonYuen, Wing-men.; 袁詠敏.2008265
Concepts of realism and the reception of John Constable's landscape paintingsKwok, Yin-ning.; 郭燕寧.2007608
Form follows fever malaria and the making of Hong Kong, 1841-1848Cowell, Christopher Ainslie2009332
From 'slavery' to 'girlhood'? age, gender and race in Chinese and western representations of the mui tsai phenomenon, 1879-1941Ko, Yeung, Katherine; 高洋2007325
Homophone effects in Cantonese-English bilingualsTse, Ping-ping.; 謝蘋蘋.2008578
Imagoes of America: perceptions, representations, and the problems of the ideal egoElbeshlawy, Ahmed Farouk.2008609
Incidence, predictors and implications of depression after strokeLee, Chu-kee, Angel.; 李珠璣.2008445
Inspired by the Hindu tradition: compositionsand reflectionsChan, Sze-rok.; 陳詩諾.2006212
Internal discrepancies over the economic deconcentration policy duringthe period of allied occupation of Japan, 1945-1952Chan, Wing-yan.; 陳穎恩.2007357
Japonifying the qin: the appropriation of Chinese qin music in Tokugawa JapanYang, Yuanzheng.; 楊元錚.2008132
Jewish imagery and orientalism in nineteenth and early twentieth century European artTsang, Wing-yi.; 曾穎怡.2007497
Loanword truncation and optimal word length: evidence from CantoneseLau, Chaak-ming; 劉擇明2009313
Memory, aesthetics and musical quotation: four case studies in 20th century musicLeung, Tai-wai, David.; 梁大偉.2008393
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