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A comparative study of Lao Tzu's Dao and the fourfold dependent origination and the three verses of the great perfection in the rNyingma schoolLin, Yu-hung; 林昱宏201338
A study of early Buddhist scriptural calligraphy: based on Buddhist manuscripts found in Dunhuang andTurfan (3-5 century)Tsui, Chung-hui.; 崔中慧.2010480
A study of Yogãcãra theory of the ten causesChan, Ngan-che.; 陳雁姿.2007394
An English translation of the Dharmatrāta-Dhyāna SūtraChan, Yiu-wing.; 陳耀榮.2013139
Chiasmus in the early Prajñāpāramitā: literary parallelism connecting criticism & hermeneutics in an earlyMahāyāna sūtraOrsborn, Matthew Bryan.2012344
Constructivist learning and enlightenment learning: case study of how student learn Buddhist concepts in aHong Kong secondary schoolChan, Wai-yin.; 陳偉賢.2012202
Divergent doctrinal interpretations on the nature of mind and matter in Theravāda Abhidhamma: a study mainly basedon the Pāli and Siṃhala buddhist exegetical literaturePilasse, Chandaratana.2011107
Doctrine of cognition in early Yogācāra : a case study based on bhūmi1 & 2 of Yogācāra-bhūmi-śāstraLow, Boon Toh; 劉文琸2009414
From Abhidharma to Pramāṇa school: a criticalhermeneutics of their epistemology and philosophy of languageKwan, Siu-tong.; 關少棠.2010437
Gross National Happiness: a path towards the true welfare of human society2011242
Kuan-Yinism and healing: ethnographic study of a Kuan Yin sanctuary in Hong KongPang, Yu-yan.; 彭宇忻.2007470
MBCM - The Mindfulness Based Coaching Model: a mindfulness based approach to coaching : an integration ofBuddhist mindfulness training into the coaching practiceKulsrud, Cecilie Stoer.2010242
Methods of spiritual praxis in the Sarvāstivāda: a study primarily based on the Abhidharma-mahāvibhāṣāSuen, Hon-ming, Stephen.; 孫漢明.2010382
Mindfulness (sati) meditation trends: merger of clinical psychology and the Buddhism mindfulness meditationKam, Wing-pong, Roddy.; 甘榮邦.2010532
On the virtues approach to Buddhist environmental ethicsWong, Kwong-cheong.; 黃廣昌2008394
Preparation for enlightenment: understanding derived from listening, reflection and meditation--a study of theśrutamayī, cintāmayī and bhāvanāmayī bhūmayaḥ of theyogācārabhūmiśāstraSee, Mui-yian.; 施梅燕.2010516
Spirituality and psychoeducation of pregnant Chinese women in Hong Kong: an evaluation of the effect of anEastern based meditative intervention on maternal and foetal healthstatusChan, Ka-po; 陳家寶2010418
Tantric symbolism in Vajrayogini imageryLi, Gregory Kenneth.; 李群雄.2010212
The Buddha Dhamma as a psychotherapeutic technique and how the Buddhist mindfulness practice could be integrated into thecontemporary social work serviceWong, Po-shan, Susan.; 黃寶珊.2011317
The evolution of Buddhism and the development of ceramic art in ChinaMing, Mei.; 明梅.2007358
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