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Assimilation of phytate-phosphorus by the extracellular phytase activity of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) is affected by the availability of soluble phytateLung, SC; Lim, BL2006269
Co-expression of a prophage system and a plasmid system in Bacillus subtilisHo, KM; Lim, BL2003272
Differential interactions between transforming growth factor-β3/ TβR1, TAB1, and CD2AP disrupt blood-testis barrier and sertoli-germ cell adhesionXia, W; Mruk, DD; Lee, WM; Cheng, CY2006374
A dual protein expression system in Bacillus subtilisChan, AY; Chan, MM; Lo, HM; Leung, YC; Lim, BL2002303
The human gC1qR/p32 gene, C1qBP. Genomic organization and promoter analysisTye, AJ; Ghebrehiwet, B; Guo, N; Sastry, KN; Chow, BKC; Peerschke, EIB; Lim, BL2001285
Hydrolysis of precipitated phytate by three distinct families of phytasesTang, J; Leung, A; Leung, C; Lim, BL2006418
Interaction of a putative transcriptional regulatory protein and the thermo-inducible cts-52 mutant repressor in the Bacillus subtilis phage φ105 genomeChan, AY; Lim, BL2003230
The introduction of a phytase gene from Bacillus subtilis improved the growth performance of transgenic tobaccoYip, W; Wang, L; Cheng, C; Wu, W; Lung, S; Lim, BL2003421
Isolation of leptin-binding peptides from a random peptide phage libraryChan, KW; Lim, PL; Tam, FCH; Li, ETS; Lim, BL2000272
Nectin-2 expression in testicular cells is controlled via the functional cooperation between transcription factors of the Sp1, CREB, and AP-1 familiesLui, WY; Sze, KL; Lee, WWM2006371
Properties of beta-propeller phytase expressed in transgenic tobaccoChan, WL; Lung, SC; Lim, BL2006293
Protection of lethal toxicity of endotoxin by Salvia miltiorrhiza BUNGE is via reduction in tumor necrosis factor alpha release and liver injuryWan, JMF; Sit, WH; Lee, CL; Fu, KHM; Chan, DKO2006380
The proximal cis-acting elements Sp1, Sp3 and E2F regulate mouse mer gene transcription in sertoli cellsWong, CCS; Lee, WM2002216
Regulation of ectoplasmic specialization dynamics in the seminiferous epithelium by focal adhesion-associated proteins in testosterone-suppressed rat testesWong, CH; Xia, W; Lee, NPY; Mruk, DD; Lee, WM; Cheng, CY2005358
Regulation of junction dynamics in the testis--transcriptional and post-translational regulations of cell junction proteinsLui, WY; Lee, WWM2006330
Regulation of sertoli-germ cell adherens junction dynamics via changes in protein-protein interactions of the N-cadherin-β-catenin protein complex which are possibly mediated by c-Src and myotubularin-related protein 2: An in vivo study using an androgen suppression modelZhang, J; Wong, CH; Xia, W; Mruk, DD; Lee, NPY; Lee, WM; Cheng, CY2005300
Sertoli-germ cell anchoring junction dynamics in the testis are regulated by an interplay of lipid and protein kinasesSiu, MKY; Wong, CH; Lee, WM; Cheng, CY2005274
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