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The advent of managerialism in social welfare: the case of Hong KongLeung, JCB2002992
Community Building in China: From Welfare to PoliticsLeung, JCB2000220
Community-based service for the frail elderly in ChinaLeung, J; Wong, YC2002531
The emergence of social assistance in ChinaLeung, JCB2006451
The feasibility of promoting user participation to elderly service workersLee, FWL; Siok, PYY2003164
The housing choices and preferences of older vacationers in southern ChinaMa, A; Chow, NWS2005246
Importance and Adequacy of Practice Competencies for Care Professionals in Aging-Related FieldsMa, AM2006222
Indigenization of social work values in Hong Kong: a brief reviewLam, CW1997302
Measuring Drug Abuse: The Development of the Chinese Drug Involvement Scale in Hong KongLam, CW; Ng, HY; Boey, KW2002369
The Possibility of Promoting User Participation in Working with High-Risk YouthLee, FWL; Charm, LMY2002154
Promoting Client Participation: A Study of Youth Probationers in Hong KongLee, FWL2003400
The psychological well-being of elderly persons living in old urban areas of Hong Kong: A social perspectiveLam, CW; Boey, KW2005407
Qualitative study of Chinese widows in Hong Kong: Insights for psycho-social care in hospice settingsChow, AYM; Chan, CLW; Ho, SMY; Tse, DMW; Suen, MHP; Yuen, KFK2006300
The Role of Police in Preventing Juvenile Delinquency (in Chinese)Lee, FWL1998618
The social in social work practice - Shamans and social workersNg, HY2003217
Social security reforms in China: Issues and prospectsLeung, JCB2003512
Teens of the Night - The Young Night Drifters in Hong KongLee, FWL20001,747
Utilization and accessibility of social services for Chinese CanadiansMa, AM; Chi, I2005196
Young school dropouts: Levels of influence of different systemsLee, FWL; Fanny MiuLing, IP2003324
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