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Epidermal growth factor as a biologic switch in hair growth cycleMak, KKL; Chan, SY2003232
Genomic structure, alternative splicing and tissue expression of rFrp/sFRP-4, the rat frizzled related protein geneYam, JWP; Koon, WC; Ngan, ESW; Hsiao, WLW2005224
Identification of five novel WASP mutations in Chinese families with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome.Chan, KW; Lee, TL; Chung, BH; Yang, X; Lau, YL2002249
Lupus nephritis in Chinese children--a territory-wide cohort study in Hong KongWong, SN; Tse, KC; Lee, TL; Lee, KW; Chim, S; Lee, KP; Chu, WP; Chan, W; Fong, KW; Hui, J; Li, SPS; Yeung, PS; Yuen, SF; Ho, ACH; Leung, LCK; Luk, D; Chan, SY; Cheung, HM; Chow, CM; Lau, D2006382
Tolerance associated with cord blood transplantation may depend on the state of host dentritic cellsLiu, E; Law, HKW; Lau, YL2004165
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