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15 years of the Handover: the rise, discontent, and convergence of cross-border arbitration in Hong Kong
3rd Annual Conference of the Younger Comparativists Committee of the American Society of Comparative Law 2014
Gu, W201436
The achievement of constitutionalism in Asia: moving beyond 'constitutions without constitutionalism'
5th Asian Constitutional Law Forum 2013
Chen, AHY201345
Adaptation and resiliency in global Finance: Europe and Asia
North Carolina Law Review Symposium
Arner, D2010178
Adaptive Efficiency and Economic Development in China: The Definition and Enforcement of Property Rights'
4th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
Yu, G2009261
'Adaptive Efficiency and Financial Development in China: The Role of Contracts and Contractual Enforcement'Yu, G2008167
Addressing SIFIs
Reconceptualising Global Finance and its Regulation, HKU-UNSW-Edinburgh
Arner, DW201324
Addressing SOE environmental externalities in the new CSR Movement in China’s State Sector
HKU-UNSW Research Symposium on Legal Studies
Leng, J2010186
Adjudicating social rights in Hong Kong
Annual meeting of the The Law and Society Association
Kong, K2010199
Adjudicating social welfare rights in Hong Kong
Recognition and the Politics of Identity and Inclusion in the 21st Century: Managing Diversity in Plural Societies Conference 2011
Kong, K2011172
The adjudication of socio-economic rights using administrative judicial review principles in Hong Kong
1st Young Scholars Workshop on Comparative Administrative Law in Asia, 2012
Academic Sinica.
Kong, K2012104
Adult guardianship law in China: traditional values and modern developments
2nd World Congress on Adult Guardianship, WCAG 2012
Lee, R; Chan, C2012102
Advance Directives
a paper presented at The Hong Kong Law Reform Commission
Liu, ANC2004133
Advancing human security through post-disaster open source collaborative governance at the local level
Human Security: Humanitarian Perspectives and Responses Conference 2013
Ali, S201334
Advancing humanitarian technology through open source collaborative applications at the local level
IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10-HTC) 2013
Ali, S201330
Against Legal Origin: Of Ownership Concentration and Disclosure'
Corporate Law Teachers Conference, held in Sydney by the University of New South Wales on February 5
Yu, G2008135
Aggressive Legalism: The East Asian Experience and Lessons for China
International Conference on “Policy and Law Aspects of Asia and WTO: Challenges and Opportunities”
Gao, HS2005133
Aggressive Legalism: The East Asian Experience And Lessons For China
Annual Joint HKU-PKU Conference
Gao, HS2005103
The Agreement between Mainland China and the Hong Kong SAR on Mutual Enforcement Arbitral Awards and Certain Continuing Legal Concerns
Mutual Legal Assistance under One Country, Two Systems Conference
Hong Kong University.
Zhang, XC1999145
Amendment to Copyright law in Hong Kong and Its Implications
a speech at 'Mission Impossible: Copyright and Trademark Protection in Asia,' 2005 Asia Business conference, organized by Harvard Law School, Business School and Government School, February 18-19, 2005, Boston, USA
Li, Y2005138
Analysis of the institutionalization of Chinese commercial arbitration: reflections of the Chinese Commercial Arbitration Reform in view of market economy and rule of Law
PKU-HKU Annual Conference on Rule of Law, Reform and Development 2013
Gu, W201339
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