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Adaptation and resiliency in global Finance: Europe and AsiaArner, D2010112
Adaptive Efficiency and Economic Development in China: The Definition and Enforcement of Property Rights'Yu, G2009164
'Adaptive Efficiency and Financial Development in China: The Role of Contracts and Contractual Enforcement'Yu, G2008116
Addressing SOE environmental externalities in the new CSR Movement in China’s State SectorLeng, J2010118
Adjudicating social rights in Hong KongKong, K2010153
Adjudicating social welfare rights in Hong KongKong, K2011138
The adjudication of socio-economic rights using administrative judicial review principles in Hong KongKong, K201267
Adult guardianship law in China: traditional values and modern developmentsLee, R; Chan, C201231
Advance DirectivesLiu, ANC200480
Against Legal Origin: Of Ownership Concentration and Disclosure'Yu, G200875
Aggressive Legalism: The East Asian Experience and Lessons for ChinaGao, HS200583
Aggressive Legalism: The East Asian Experience And Lessons For ChinaGao, HS200578
The Agreement between Mainland China and the Hong Kong SAR on Mutual Enforcement Arbitral Awards and Certain Continuing Legal ConcernsZhang, XC1999101
Amendment to Copyright law in Hong Kong and Its ImplicationsLi, Y200586
Anti-terrorism Laws in the People's Republic of ChinaFu, H2002114
Antitrust Issues of the Google Book Search Settlement and Copyright CollectivesKwok, KHF201333
APEC Initiative on Development of Securitisation and Credit Guarantee Markets: ChinaArner, DW200481
Are China's IP Industries Prepared for the WTO?'Li, Y200278
Article 23, Theft of State Secrets and the Proposed New Offence of Unauthorized and Damaging Disclosure of Protected InformationChan, JMM2002127
Article 4 of the Outer Space Treaty and Peaceful Use of Outer SpaceZhao, Y2009133
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