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Value Analysis Framework for RFID Technology Adoption in Retailers in ChinaLuo, Z; Yen, BP; Tan, Z; Ni, Z2008231
VANET-based secure taxi serviceChim, TW; Yiu, SM; Hui, LCK; Li, VOK201321
Variational 3D shape segmentation for bounding volume computationLu, L; Choi, YK; Wang, W; Kim, MS200768
Variational blue noise samplingChen, Z; Yuan, Z; Choi, YK; Liu, L; Wang, W201273
Variational mesh segmentation via quadric surface fittingYan, DM; Wang, W; Liu, Y; Yang, Z201267
Vector solid texturesWang, L; Zhou, K; Yu, Y; Guo, B2010109
Video partitioning by temporal slice coherencyNgo, CW; Pong, TC; Chin, RT2001145
View selection using randomized searchKalnis, P; Mamoulis, N; Papadias, D2002126
Virtual hairy brush for digital painting and calligraphyXu, S; Lau, FCM; Xu, C; Pan, Y2005198
Virtual Hairy Brush for Painterly RenderingXu, SH; Tang, M; Lau, FCM; Pan, YH2004123
The Visitor pattern as a reusable, generic, type-safe componentOliveira, BCDS; Wang, M; Gibbons, J200819
A visualization based approach for digital signature authenticationXu, S; Yang, W; Lau, FCM200983
Visualization of errors on form-factor computationWong, KW; Tsang, WW199487
Visualizing input and output analysis for simulation (VINOAS)Chan, HW; Lam, PF199774
VSPN: VANET-based Secure and Privacy-preserving NavigationChim, TW; Yiu, SM; Hui, CK; Li, VOK201247
Wall meshChen, Guihai; Xie, Li; Lau, FCM; Gu, Qing; Zhou, Nengfa2000111
Weighted flow time does not admit O(1)-competitive algorithmsBansal, N; Chan, HL2009203
Welcome to ASIACCS 2011Cheung, B; Hui, L201171
Why are peers less stable in unpopular P2P streaming channels?Liu, Z; Wu, C; Li, B; Zhao, S2009146
WSIPL: An XML scripting language for integrating web service data and applicationsLo, E; Cheung, DW; Ng, CY; Lee, T2006200
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