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16S rDNA-defined diversity of lithophytic communities in quartz rocks from the hyperarid core of hte Atacama desert (Invited Speaker)Pointing, SB2004181
16S rRNA-defined population structure in a Philippines hot spring microbial matPointing, SB; Nagarkar, S; Warren-Rhodes, K2002184
Abstracts. Seasonal patterns in the lateral dispersal of adult aquatic insects along Hong Kong streamsChan, KWE; Zhang, Y; Dudgeon, D2006216
Abstracts. The effects of season and substrate availability on the abundance of riparian spiders along Hong Kong streamsChan, KWE; Zhang, Y; Dudgeon, D2006178
Abundance of environmental Vibrio species in marine environment and characterization of cryptic plasmidsGu, J; Zhang, R2005124
Action Model for Sustainable Development in Long Valley, Hong Kong, ChinaCheung, LLP; Chick, HL; Linder, SH; Hau, CH2006129
Acute toxicity of zinc pyrithione and Irgaol 1051 alone and in combination with copper on the harpacticoid copepod Tigriopus japonicusBao, W; Leung, KMY2006134
Aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation of polymers: a simulation of thermophilic composting and of anaerobic landfillGu, JG; Gu, J1999108
Aerobic biodegradation of heterocyclic aromatic indole by bacteria isolated from Mai Po sedimentYip, CW; Gu, J2004121
Aerobic Biodegradation of phthalic acid and dimethyl phthalate esterFan, Y; Cheng, SP; Gu, J2001110
Alpha taxonomy in the genus Maesa (Myrsinaceae)Utteridge, TMA; Saunders, RMK1997114
Ammonia water quality criteria for saltwater: a revisitKwok, WHKP; Leung, KMY; Lui, CSG; Li, WK; Lam, PKS; Lee, JHW2006254
Anaerobic degradation of N-heterocyclic aromatic compoundsGu, J2001132
Application of taxonomic distinctness indices to molecular biodiversity data derived from thermophilic communities (invited speaker)Lau, CY; Pointing, SB2005102
Application of taxonomic distinctness indices to molecular biodiversity data derived from thermophilic communities (oral presentation)Lau, CY; Pointing, SB200596
Aquatic ecological risk assessment: Comparison of tropical and temperate species sensitivity to chemicalsLeung, KMY; Chu, KH; Lam, PKS; Crane, M2003133
The aquatic nuisance species zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha, and biological control against their infestation and foulingGu, J; Gu, JG1999109
Are telomere length and fluctuating asymmetry good biomarkers for indicating pollutant responses in marine fish?Leung, KMY; Tsui, CY2007125
Are there more bacteria capable of degradation in the environment?Gu, J200396
Aridity-induced limit to photosynthesis and primary production in the Atacama DesertWarren-Rhodes, K; Rhodes, KL; Pointing, SB; Ewing, S; Lacap, DC; Gomez-Silva, B; Amundson, R; Friedmann, IE; McKay, CP2005145
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