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TACE (Invited Lecture)
32nd World Congress of the International College of Surgeons, Singapore, October 8-12, 2000
Fan, ST2000131
Targeting both acute and chronic rejection: a regimen that ensures hundred percent permanent survival of orthotopic small bowel allograft in rat
Basic Sciences Symposium 2003: Transplantation Immunology in the Real World, Colorado, USA, 14-17 September 2003
Tian, L; Li, X; Tam, PKH2003119
Targeting cancer stem cells enhances therapeutic efficacy of chemotherapy in hepatocellular carcinoma (Poster Presentation)
The American Association for Cancer Research Special Conference in Cancer Research, The Role of Cancer Stem Cells in the Initiation and Propagation of Tumorigenesis, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., 12 - 15 February 2008
Ho, DWY; Yang, Z; Ng, NP; Lau, CK; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST2008181
Targeting granulin-epithelin precursor in breast cancerIp, YC; Chan, YK; Wong, SY; Cheung, ST; Khoo, US2009164
Targeting of Mortalin-Mutant p53 Interactions by Mortalin shRNA Leads to Selective Apoptotic Death of Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Journal of Immunotherapy
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. The Journal's web site is located at
Lu, WJ; Lee, NPY; Poon, RTP; Kaul, SC; Wadhwa, R; Luk, JMC2010201
Targeting of mortalin-mutant p53 interactions by mortalin shRNA leads to selective apoptotic death of human hepatocellular carcinoma (Poster & Abstract)
17th Hong Kong International Cancer Congress and 6th Annual Meeting of Center for Cancer Research, Hong Kong, China, 3 November 2010
Lu, WJ; Lee, NPY; Kaul, SC; Poon, RTP; Wadhwa, R; Luk, JMC2010183
Targeting Serine Peptidase Inhibitor, Kazal Type 1 (SPINK1) as a Potential Treatment for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Annual Conference of the International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA)
The International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA).
Shek, HP; Luk, JMC; Lee, NPY2011141
Teaching and learning of medical professionalism - medical students' experience at the University of Hong Kong
Cotone Congressi, Genoa, Italy (14-18 September 2006)
Association for Medical Education in Europe.
Tang, HNA; Wong, JGWS; Patil, NG; Mak-Lieh, F2006158
Teaching students clinical skills in the Skills Development Centre: their appreciation and outcome
4th Scientific Congress University Surgeons of Asia, Singapore, May 31 - June 1, 2000
Saing, H; Patil, NG; Nandi, PL; Chu, KM; Lo, CY; Chow, LWC; Tuen, HH; Poon, RTP; Chung, HP; Leung, G; Wong, J2000152
Technical Advances in Head and Neck Surgery
11th Annual Scientific Meeting, The College of Surgeons of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 5-6 June 2004
Wei, WI2004100
Technical aspects, complications and results of right lobe living donor liver transplantation. Personal experience and results in Asia (Abstract)
The 9th Congress of the International Liver Transplantation Society and 13th Congress of the Liver Intensive Care Group of Europe, Barcelona, Spain, 18-21 June 2003
Fan, ST200386
Technical competency in neurosurgery: trainees versus specialists in expectations and perceptions
7th AMN Congress and 16th HKNS Annual Scientific Meeting 2009
Leung, GKK2009142
Technical refinement for successful paediatric liver transplantation
11th Biennial Congress, Asian Surgical Association, Hong Kong, 2-5 March 1997
Chan, KL; Fan, ST; Saing, H; Wei, WI; Lo, CM; Ng, IOL; Tsoi, NS; Chan, JCK; Chau, MT; Tso, WK; Tam, PKH; Wong, J1997115
Technical refinements for successful small bowel transplantation in pig
6th Congress of the Asian Society of Transplantation - New Frontiers in Transplantation, Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Suntec City, Singapore, September 20-24, 1999
Chan, KL; Guo, WH; Tam, PKH1999113
Technical refinements in laparoscopic repair of childhood inguinal hernia (Poster)
36th Annual Meeting of Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons, Sydney, Australia, 12-16 May 2003
Chan, KL; Tam, PKH2003100
Technique and results of hand-sewn and stapled esophageal anastomosis. (Invited Lecture)
Workshop on Visceral Surgery, Chirurgische Klinik und Poliklinik, Universitatsklinikum - Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule, Aachen, Germany, June 1997
Wong, J1997109
Technique of hepatectomy: laparoscopic ultrasonography
16th World Congress Collegium International Chirurgiae Digestivae, Madrid, Spain, September 16-19, 1998
Lo, CM199889
Technique of maxillary swing approach to central skull base
14th Biennial Congress of Asian Surgical Association, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, 4-6 December 2003
Wei, WI2003223
Technique of maxillary swing approach to central skull base
International Comprehensive Head & Neck Course 2001, Chengdu, China, 17-20 December, 2001
Wei, WI2001113
Technique of right hepatectomy with the inclusion of the middle liver vein
The International Symposium on Living Donor Organ Transplantation
Lo, CM2002113
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