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Early activation of macrophages leads to accelerated immune responses in small-for-size allografts (Abstract)Yang, ZF; Yang, YQ; Chu, ACY; Ho, DWY; Fan, ST200364
Early detection & treatment of nasopharyngeal cancerWei, WI200269
Early detection of hearing impairment in prelingual childrenAu, DKK199869
Early detection of lamivudine resistant mutant in hepatitis B patients after liver transplantationCheung, ST; Fan, ST; Lo, CM; Lai, CL199985
Early experience in laparo-endoscopic single site colectomyPoon, JTC; Fan, JKM; Law, WL200959
Early experience of single port laparoscopic surgery in a tertiary referral centre in Hong KongChan, IHY; Wong, KKY; Lan, LCL; Tam, PKH2010155
Early experience with laparoscopic excision of choledochal cysts in 41 childrenWang, B; Feng, Q; Mao, JX; Liu, L; Wong, KKY201286
Early laryngeal cancer in AsiaWei, WI199970
Early laryngeal cancer, diagnosis, treatment, laser, management of early carcinoma of larynx - the Asian perspectiveWei, WI199859
Early outcome of robotic rectal resectionFoo, CC; Poon, J; Fan, J; Law, WL201230
Early outcomes of laparoscopic ventral hernia repairLau, H; Patil, NG; Yuen, WK; Lee, FCW200283
Early outcomes of thoracoscopic repair of congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH): two centres' experienceHuang, JS; Chung, HY; Chan, IHY; Tao, Q; Wong, KKY; Tam, PKH201277
Early squamous cell carcinoma in China: screening, surveillance and treatment optionsLaw, SYK200560
Early surgical intervention of prenatally diagnosed congenital cystic adenomatoid malformationBai, YZ; Chan, KL; Tam, PKH200564
Early thoracoscoic decortication promotes the recovery of parapnemonic empyema in childrenChung, PHY; Wong, KKY; Lan, LCL; Tam, PKH2011176
Eassr and behavioural cochlear implant aided hearing thresholdsAu, DKK; Ho, WK; Wei, WI2007139
East and west - diversity and unity in surgeryWong, J199955
Economic evaluation of cochlear implantationWong, BYK; Hui, Y; Au, D; Wei, W1998187
The effect of blocking CD28 and CD134 co-stimulatory pathways in rat cardiac transplantTian, L; Lui, Y; Lamb, JR; Tam, PKH200574
Effect of changing paradigm for management of hepatocellular carcinoma on the long-term survival of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (Abstract)Chan, A; Poon, RTP; Mh, KC; Chan, SC; Yuen, WK; Yeung, C; Lo, CM; Fan, ST200791
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