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Vancomycin-containing apatite coating on a titanium alloy coating fabrication and drug release
Proceedings of BME2010 Biomedical Engineering International Conference and pre-conference workshop
Biomedical Division, Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.
Lee, WC; Wang, M2010112
A variable structure compensator for rate and amplitude constrained systems
Proceedings UKACC International on CONTROL'98
Hui, K; Chan, CW1998145
Variable structure compensators for system subject to actuator saturation
Proceedings European Control Conference
Chan, CW; Hui, K; Cheung, KC1997165
Variable structure fuzzy control for a permanent magnetic brushless motor
Preprints IFAC Symposium on Low Cost Automation
Chan, CW; Cheung, KC; Wang, Y; Zhang, HY1998133
VECIMS 2010 - 2010 IEEE International Conference on Virtual Environments, Human-Computer Interfaces and Measurement Systems, Proceedings: Message from the chairpersons
VECIMS 2010 - 2010 IEEE International Conference on Virtual Environments, Human-Computer Interfaces and Measurement Systems, Proceedings
Piuri, V; Siegel, M; Guerriero, A; Petriu, EM; Chen, Y; Ferrari, S; Payeur, P2010131
Ventilation and Health in Built EnvironmentLi, Y2008167
Ventilation and pollutant removal performance in street canyons of different aspect ratios: an LES solution
International Conference on Wind Engineering
Chung, TNH; Liu, CH2011172
Ventilation and thermal environment in a semi-enclosed open urban space
REHVA World Congress, CLIMA 2010
Yang, L; Li, Y2010494
Ventilation efficiency by thermal buoyancy in a high-rise city with a complex terrain
International Workshop on Energy and Environment of Residential Buildings
Yang, L; Li, Y2009367
Ventilation for control of infectious diseases in built environment
Taiwan-H.K. Symposium on Hospital Built-Environment
Li, Y2007151
Ventilation of building clusters - Macroscopic simulation using a porous turbulence model
11th International Conference on Air Distribution in Rooms, Roomvent 2009
Hang, J; Li, Y; Sandberg, M2009219
Ventilation potential by thermal buoyancy in an urban city: numerical simulation and field experiment study
International Conference on Urban Climate
Yang, L; Li, Y2009318
Virtual manufacturing to design a manufacturing technology for components made of a multiphase perfect material
Computer-Aided Design and Applications
CAD Solutions. The Journal's web site is located at
Wang, F; Chen, KZ; Feng, XA2008210
Visualization of flows in channels with curvature, rotation or micro-sizes
Proceedings of the Sixth National Conference on Experimental Fluid Mechanics
Wang, L2004106
Visualization of stabilizing/destabilizing flows in channels with curvature and/or rotation, (Invited Lecture)
Forth International Workshop on Materials Processing at High Gravity
Wang, L; Cheng, KC2000156
Vortex structure transformation of BaTiO3 nanoparticles through the gradient function by phase field methodHong, L; Soh, AK2009310
Voxel study of protein submicropillars using two-photon excited photochemical crosslinking
BME International Conference 2012
MA, J; Chan, BP201267
A VR based 3D graphics user interface for CAD modeling system
The 25th ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
Zheng, JM; Chan, KW; Gibson, I1999185
A VR-based CAD System
Global Engineering, Manufacturing and Enterprise Networks-Proceedings of the 4th International Working Conference on the Design of Information Infrastructure Systems for Manufacturing (DIISM 2000)
Kulwer Academic Publishers.
Chan, KW; Zheng, JM; Gibson, I2000129
Water electrolysis - a brige between renewable resources and hydrogen
Proceedings of The International Hydrogen Energy Forum
Ni, M; Leung, MKH; Sumathy, K; Leung, YC2004220
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