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Technological development and prospect of alkaline fuel cellsNi, M; Leung, MKH; Leung, YC200691
A theoretical analysis on the final sizes of human respiratory droplets in different relative humiditiesLiu, L; Li, Y2009400
Theoretical models for design optimization of hydrogen fuel cells and electrolyzersLeung, MKH; Ni, M; Leung, DYC2008137
Theory of heat flux for convective heat transfer, (Invited Lecture)Wang, L200079
A theory on the ventilation over hypothetical urban areasLiu, CH; Ng, CT; Wong, CCC201331
Theranostics based on hybrid nanoparticles for early cancer detection and treatmentWang, M; LI, S; Ren, L201317
Thermal analysis and crystallinity study of bioresorbable polymer composites containing particulate b-TCPLiu, Y; Wang, M200898
Thermal comfort and energy performance of chilled ceiling systemsHui, SCM; Leung, JYC201244
Thermal distortion of an anisotropic elastic half-plane and its application in contact problems including frictional heatingLin, Y; Ovaert, TC200469
Thermal environment and airflow in a semi-enclosed space surrounded by buildings – a numerical studyYang, L; Li, Y2007108
Thermal mass design in buildings - Heavy or LightLi, Y; Xu, P2005144
Thermal mass design in buildings - heavy or light?Li, Y; Xu, P2005141
Thermal regulation performance of green living walls in buildingsHui, SCM; Zhao, Z201314
Thermal response test analysis for an energy pile in ground-source heat pump systemsLee, CK; Lam, HN201253
Thermal Stability and In Vitro Solubility of Carbonated Hydroxyapatite NanospheresZhou, W; Wang, M; Cheung, WL2008105
Thermo-electrochemical modeling of the transport phenomena and electrochemical reactions in ammonia fed solid oxide fuel cellsNi, M; Leung, DYC; Leung, MKH; Xuan, J; Wang, H2010469
Thermoelectric energy conversion using nanostructured materialsChen, G; Kraemer, D; Muto, A; McEnaney, K; Feng, HP; Liu, WS; Zhang, Q; Yu, B; Ren, Z2011244
Thermoforming mould design using a reverse engineering approachTam, KW; Chan, KW2005110
Thermophysical and mechanical properties of β-tricalcium phosphate reinforced polyhydroxybutyrate and polyhydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate compositesLiu, Y; Wang, M200767
Three dimensional culture and chondrogenic differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cellsYeung, CW; Cheah, KSE; Chan, D; Chan, BP2009120
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