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Sandwich-structured TiO2/Cr/TiO2 thin film for visible-light-assisted photocatalytic decolorization of dyeLeung, MKH; Yau, JKF; Leung, YC; Kwong, TFL2006141
A saturation compensation approach for constrained velocity algorithms of PID controllers with amplitude limitsHui, K; Chan, CW1997100
Scaffolding in tissue engineering: General approaches and tissue-specific considerationsChan, BP; Leong, KW200888
Scale-up theorems and their applicationsWang, L200384
Selection of build orientation in FDM with allowed maximum tensile strainWang, Y; Chen, Y201067
Selective laser sintered Ca-P/PHBV nanocomposite scaffolds with sustained release of rhBMP-2 for bone tissue engineeringDuan, B; Wang, M2011104
Selective laser sintered Castform polystyrene with controlled porosity and its infiltration by red waxKu, CWJ; Gibson, I; Cheung, WL2002124
Selective Laser Sintered Meso-Porous PLLA and PLLA/CHAp Nanocomposite Scaffolds for Bone Tissue EngineeringZhou, W; Wang, M; Cheung, WL; Yuen, CK; Ip, WY2008122
Selective laser sintered nanocomposite scaffolds for bone tissue engineeringWang, M201147
Selective laser sintering of porous scaffolds for bone tissue engineeringLee, SH; Zhou, W; Li, KM; Wang, M; Cheung, WL2004138
Selective laser sintering of porous scaffolds from poly(L-lactide) microspheres and its nanocomposite with carbonated hydroxyapatite nanospheresZhou, W; Lee, SH; Cheung, WL; Wang, M; Ip, WY2006131
Selective laser sintering of tissue engineering scaffolds using microspheres of poly(L-lactide)-Based nanocompositeZhou, W; Lee, SH; Wang, M; Cheung, WL2006122
Self-Assembled Collagen-Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell (hMSCs) Microspheres – Novel Bio-devices for Cell DeliveryChan, BP; Hui, TY; Yeung, CW; Chan, GCF2007119
Self-Assembled Collagen-Human mesenchymal stem cell (hMSCs) microspheres – novel bio-devices for cell deliveryChan, BP; Chan, GCF2007103
Self-assembled osteoinductive bone-like microparticlesWong, MY; Hui, TY; Yip, HK; Chan, GCF; Chan, BP2009157
A self-consistent scheme for asperity contactFan, H; Sze, KY200255
Self-organized feature map of particle image for flow measurementChen, Y; Chwang, ATY1997403
Self-tuning control for nonlinear systems based on neurofuzzy networksYeung, WK; Chan, CW; Cheung, KC200080
Self-tuning k-incremental neurofuzzy controllers for nonlinear systems with offsetChan, CW; Liu, XJ; Yeung, WK200187
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