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Parametric design by learningChen, YH199670
Parametric study of a fan-bladed micro-wind turbineLeung, DYC; Deng, Y; Leung, MKH2011110
Part orientation in layer-based machiningChen, YH; Yang, Z; Sze, WS2003102
Partial feedback control of quantum systems using probabilistic fuzzy estimatorChen, C; Rigatos, GG; Dong, D; Lam, J200964
Particle removal efficiency of a portable hepa air cleaner in a hospital wardQian, H; Li, Y; Huang, X; Sun, H; Seto, WH; Yuen, PL2007121
Particle trajectories in nonlinear interfacial water wavesHsu, HC; Ng, CO; Hwung, HH201173
A particle-based mechanistic model for drape simulationSze, KY; Liu, X2003123
Parting line formation by slicing a trimmed surface modelWong, T; Tan, ST; Sze, WS1996110
Passive interfaces for detecting minute fluidic fluctuationsShum, A201319
Path planning for robot assisted femur shaft fracture reduction: A preliminary investigationYe, R; Chen, Y200959
Pedicle screws and rods made of a shape memory alloy for treating scoliotic patientsTong, HW; Wang, M; Lu, WW; Cheung, KMC; Yeung, KWK; Luk, KDK2006130
A Peierls-Nabarro model for kink-pair generation in screw dislocations at low temperaturesNgan, AHW1999272
A Peierls-Nabarro model for screw dislocation mobility in BCC metalsNgan, AHW1998111
Performance of air-conditioning systems in sars negative pressure isolation roomsLi, Y; Ching, WH; Qian, H; Yuen, PL200696
Periodic Flow & Pollutant Removal of Street Canyon in Wind-Buoyancy-Driven Condition Using the URANS ModelCheng, WC; Liu, CH; Leung, YC2009101
Periodic flow and pollutant removal of street canyon in wind-buoyancyCheng, WC; Liu, CH; Leung, YC2009119
Perspective and thermodynamic foundation of thermal-mass theory, Keynote lectureWang, L201084
Perturbed periodic waves for a system of coupled nonlinear Schrodinger equations (CNLS)Tsang, SC; Chow, KW200392
Phase field simulation of ferroelectrics with cracksZhao, XF; Soh, AK2011307
Phase field simulations of hysteresis and butterfly loops in ferroelectrics subjected to electro-mechanical coupled loadingSong, Y; Soh, AK200597
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