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On exact exponential stability assignment of retarded delay systems via static output-feedback controllersShu, Z; Lam, J200999
On exact three dimensional forced solitary waves in shallow waterChow, KW; Chwang, ATY199688
On noise rejection property of actuator saturation compensatorsHui, K; Chan, CW199789
On parametric stability margin maximization using state feedback pole assignmentHu, TS; Lam, J1998306
On plume dispersion over two-dimensional urban-like idealized roughness elements with height variationWong, CCC; Liu, CH201331
On probabilistic distribution of forces in granular materials: A statistical mechanics approachNgan, AHW2003303
On singularities of generically immersive holomorphic maps between complex hyperbolic space formsMok, N201166
On the aerodynamic characteristics over idealized two-dimensional urban street canyon modelsLeung, KK; Liu, CH201255
On the air pollutant removal mechanism from 2D urban street canyonsLiu, CH; Cheng, WC; Chung, T; Wong, C201189
On the applications of the finite element technique for improving product designsSoh, AiKah; Gay, Robert199556
On the calculation of properties of water waves over a layered muddy bedNg, CO2009134
On the constitutive equations of magnetoelectroelastic solidsSoh, AK; Liu, J200486
On the design of robust deadbeat regulatorsLam, James; Tso, Hom Kin; Tsing, Nam Kiu199666
On the early development of dispersion in flow through a tube with wall reactionsLau, MW; Ng, CO200785
On the early development of dispersion in flow through a tube with wall reactionsLau, MW; Ng, CO200779
On the flows over two-dimensional idealized street canyons with height variationWong, CCC; Liu, CH201318
On the interaction between a screw dislocation and an interfacial crack in two dissimilar piezoelectic materialsSoh, AK; Liu, JX; Fang, DN2002193
On the longitudinal dispersion of settling particles in a horizontal circular pipeNg, CO200383
On the mechanism of pollutant removal from two-dimensional idealized urban street canyonsLiu, CH; Cheng, WC; Chung, NH; Wong, CC; Leung, KK201182
On the mechanisms of pollutant removal from urban street canyons: a large-eddy simulation approachLiu, CH; Cheng, WC; Chung, TNH; Wong, CCC2010174
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