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H-infinity filter design for quantum stochastic systemsMeng, X; Lam, J; Gao, H2008124
Haptic aided ergonomic evaluation in mass customized product designYang, ZY; Lian, LL; Chen, YH2004149
Haptic aided soft-touch multi-material product designGao, Z; Chen, Y; Lian, L200667
Haptic customization of product physical properties in a virtual environmentChen, Y; Lian, LL; Yang, ZY200561
Haptic modeling as an integrating tool for product developmentChen, YH; Yang, Z200397
Haptic rendering of millingYang, Z; Chen, YH200396
Haptic rendering: An approach to tactile property perception in early product designLian, LL; Chen, YH; Yang, ZY200584
Haptic simulation of flexible needle insertionHe, X; Chen, Y; Tang, L200880
Haptic-based function analysis and shape modeling of multi-material product: A case studyYang, ZY; Chen, YH200459
A haptic-based part decomposition method for multi-material product designChen, Y; Fu, Y201173
Heat transfer and thermal lensing in large-mode high-power laser diodesChan, PKL; Pipe, KP; Plant, JJ; Swint, RB; Juodawlkis, PW200772
Heterogeneous materials and their applications in high-tech product designZhang, X; Chen, KZ200295
Heterogeneous materials with a periodic microstructure and their applications in engineering designChen, KZ; Zhang, X200295
Heterogeneous object design: An integrated CAX perspectiveKou, XY; Tan, ST200876
Hexahedral connection element based on hybrid-stress theory for solid structuresWu, D; Sze, KY; Lo, SH2010375
High mobility low driving voltage organic transistor with high k amorphous BST (Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3) gate dielectric on flexible substrateWang, ZR; Xin, JZ; Ren, XC; Leung, CW; Chan, PKL201149
High performance self-organized in(Ga)As quantum dot lasers monolithically grown on siliconMi, Z; Yang, J; Bhattacharya, P; Chan, PKL; Pipe, KP200653
High sensitivity organic temperature sensorREN, X; Lu, JB; Huang, BL; Leung, DCW; Chan, KL201320
High-performance and multifunctional (Ti, Si, O, N)/Ti coating for the medical application of NiTi shape memory AlloysWang, M201271
High-performance computing and air turbulence/pollution studiesLiu, CH201173
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