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Incorporating family therapy into asthma group intervention: A randomized waitlist-controlled trialNg, SM; Li, AM; Lou, VWQ; Tso, IF; Wan, PYP; Chan, DFY2008147
Evaluating an integrated parallel group intervention for Chinese asthma children and their parentsLou, VWQ; Ng, SM; Li, AM; Tso, IF; Wan, PYP; Chan, DFY200798
The development and validation of the concise outpatient department user satisfaction scaleTso, IF; Ng, SM; Chan, CLW2006118
Short communication: The effect of a one-hour Eastern stress management session on salivary cortisolChan, CLW; Tso, IF; Ho, RTH; Ng, SM; Chan, CHY; Chan, JCN; Lai, JCL; Evans, PD2006206
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