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The Abhidhamma Doctrine of Conditional Relations as the Synthetical Approach to the Dhamma TheoryKarunadasa, Y20066
Abhidharma and upadesaDhammajoti, KL2005151
Abhidharma Debates on the Nature of the Objects of Sensory PerceptionDhammajoti, KL201231
Akara and Direct Perception: Vaibhasika versus SautrantikaDhammajoti, KL2007279
The Apramana Meditation in the Sarvastivada: with special reference to Maitri-bhavanaDhammajoti, KL2010147
Aspects of Buddhist Psychology: A Study based on the Pali Suttas and AbhidhammaKarunadasa, Y20083
The asubha Meditation in the SarvastivadaDhammajoti, KL2009121
Avalokitesvara in ChinaGuang, X2011134
Bodhidharma and his meditationGuang, X2006160
The Bodhisattva Precepts and Origin of the Mahayana SchoolJing, Y2005132
Buddhaghosa's Method of Work: Faithful Translation or Critical Edition?Endo, T2008118
Buddhaghosa's Visuddhimagga challenged?Endo, T201196
Buddhaghosa’s Role as a Commentator: Faithful Translator or Critical Editor?Endo, T200891
Buddhist impact on chinese cultureGuang, X201318
Buddhist Impact on Chinese LanguageGuang, X201230
Buddhist Influence on Chinese Religions and Popular BeliefsGuang, X2012122
Buddhist Response to Confucian and Daoist Critic of Filial Piety (In Chinese)Guang, X201322
A Buddhist-Confucian controversy on filial pietyGuang, X2010159
Chan Influence on Chinese CultureGuang, X2011111
The citta-caitta Doctrine of SrilataDhammajoti, KL2007122
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