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1-bounded space algorithms for 2-dimensional bin packingChin, FYL; Ting, HF; Zhang, Y2009241
A 1-local 13/9-competitive algorithm for multicoloring hexagonal graphsChin, FYL; Zhang, Y; Zhu, H20071,124
1-Space Bounded Algorithms for 2-Dimensional Bin PackingChin, FYL; Ting, HF; Zhang, Y20091,080
1D camera geometry and Its application to circular motion estimationZhang, G; Zhang, H; Wong, KKY2006161
3-D characterization of facial deformities and prediction of facial soft and hard tissue response to orthognathic surgeryCheung, L; Jayaratne, YSN; Zwahlen, R; Lo, J; Chua, H; Choi, YK2010176
A 3D face reconstruction approach in enhancing the robustness and accuracy of face recognitionHe, X; Yuk, SC; Chow, KP; Wong, KKY; Chung, HY2009149
Abstract syntax graphs for domain specific languagesOliveira, BCDS; Löh, A201317
Accelerating probabilistic frequent itemset mining: A model-based approachWang, L; Cheng, R; Lee, SD; Cheung, DW2010154
Acceleration of Composite Order Bilinear Pairing on Graphics HardwareZhang, Y; Xue, CJ; Wong, DS; Mamoulis, N; Yiu, SM201221
Accurate foreground segmentation without pre-learningKuang, Z; Zhou, H; Wong, KKY2011167
Ad-hoc distributed spatial joins on mobile devicesKalnis, P; Mamoulis, N; Bakiras, S; Li, X2006528
Adaptive background defogging with foreground decremental preconditioned conjugate gradientYuk, JSC; Wong, KKY201372
An adaptive block truncation coding algorithm for image compressionHui, Lucas1990127
Adaptive Broadcast-Confirm Algorithms is General Networks and Their AnalysisTse, SHS; Lau, FCM1998111
Adaptive color histogram indexingNg, Vincent; Cheung, David W; Fu, Ada1995510
Adaptive fault-tolerant wormhole routing with two virtual channels in 2D meshesZhou, J; Lau, FCM200485
Adaptive Frequency Counting over Bursty Data StreamsLin, B; Ho, WS; Kao, B; Chui, CK2007132
An adaptive multipath protocol for efficient IP handoff in mobile wireless networksTsang, KCK; Ho, RSC; Tsang, MCM; Wang, CL; Lau, FCM2006454
Adaptive phenotype testing for AND/OR itemsChin, FYL; Leung, HCM; Yiu, SM2011109
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