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Automatic goal-oriented classification of failure behaviors for testing XML-based multimedia software applications: An experimental case studyChan, WK; Cheng, MY; Cheung, SC; Tse, TH2006826
An automatic test data generation system based on the integrated classification-tree methodologyCain, A; Chen, TY; Grant, D; Poon, PL; Tang, SF; Tse, TH2004628
CHOC'LATE: A framework for specification-based testingPoon, PL; Tang, SF; Tse, TH; Chen, TY2010289
Commentary on John Ellis Notes on the ObviousBlowers, GH1981407
Competitive deadline scheduling via additional or faster processorsKoo, CY; Lam, TW; Ngan, TW; To, KK2003285
Control point adjustment for B-spline curve approximationYang, H; Wang, W; Sun, J2004350
A dynamic programming approach of finding an optimal broadcast schedule in minimizing total flow timeChan, WT; Chin, FYL; Zhang, Y; Zhu, H; Shen, H; Wong, PWH2006742
Examination of requirements specification languagesTse, TH; Pong, L1991341
Extra processors versus future information in optimal deadline schedulingKoo, CY; Lam, TW; Ngan, TW; To, KK2002225
Fault-based testing without the need of oraclesChen, TY; Tse, TH; Zhou, ZQ2003318
Finding exact optimal motifs in matrix representation by partitioningLeung, HCM; Chin, FYL2005266
Formal or informal, practical or impractical: towards integrating formal methods with informal practices in software engineering educationTse, TH1993499
In black and white: An integrated approach to class-level testing of object-oriented programsChen, HY; Tse, TH; Chan, FT; Chen, TY1998189
An integrated classification-tree methodology for test case generationChen, TY; Poon, PL; Tse, TH2000634
Integration testing of context-sensitive middleware-based applications: A metamorphic approachChan, WK; Chen, TY; Lu, H; Tse, TH; Yau, SS2006741
A new generalized particle approach to parallel bandwidth allocationFeng, X; Lau, FCM; Shuai, D2006314
On-line stream merging with max span and min coverageChan, WT; Lam, TW; Ting, HF; Wong, PWH2005452
Online scheduling with partial job values: Does timesharing or randomization help?Chin, FYL; Fung, SPY2003494
Performance guarantee for EDF under overloadLam, TW; Ngan, TWJ; To, KK2004237
Proportional sampling strategy: A compendium and some insightsChen, TY; Tse, TH; Yu, YT2001406
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