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Accumulating culture: the collections of emperor HuizongHammers, RL2009217
Art and Religion in 17th Century Antwerp: Van Dyck's Mystic Marriage of the Blessed Hermann-JosephMuir, CD2001134
Art education: the key to art developmentClarke, DJ1999109
Art gets in trouble with the law in Hong KongClarke, DJ1996104
Art in a Shifting Frame: Economics, Politics and Visual Culture in Hong KongClarke, DJ1996110
Art in ChinaClarke, DJ199875
The Art of Ellen PauClarke, DJ1999103
The Art of Tsang Tak-pingClarke, DJ1997128
The art of Yank WongClarke, DJ199567
Between east and west: negotiations with tradition and modernity in Hong Kong artClarke, DJ1994153
Chao Chung-HsiangClarke, DJ200278
Chitqua's English Adventure: An Eighteenth Century Source for the Study of China Coast Pidgin and Early Chinese Use of EnglishClarke, DJ2005132
Contemporary Asian art and its western receptionClarke, D2002130
The Culture of a Border Within: Hong Kong Art and ChinaClarke, DJ2000108
Elizabeth Frink's new manClarke, DJ199596
ForewordClarke, DJ199975
ForewordClarke, DJ199764
Hong KongClarke, DJ199672
Hong Kong Art and the Transfer of SovereigntyClarke, DJ1997101
The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre ExtensionClarke, David J1999270
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